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The articles in Electricity+Control are written by highly technical individuals - individuals who delve into things… they probe and dissect. They ask questions across the engineering board, such as:

  • What technologies are capable of optimising industrial plant and process?
  • How diverse is Ethernet?
  • How suitable is South Africa for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)?
  • Karoo fracking… on our watch?
  • Energy and sustainability – is there hope?

These engineering buffs understand the importance of safety and reliability. They tell us how to:

  • Develop lightning safety and lightning protection strategies
  • Ensure that our IT systems are reliable
  • Install and commission motors with care
  • Deal with power outages and load shedding
  • Our authors are experts when it comes to:
  • The diverse energy sectors in Africa
  • Smart technologies
  • Artificial intelligence
  • The new world of energy

Electricity + Control 

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