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ElectricityandControl February 2018Best … we remember!

When the daily (or hourly) news focuses on cheating executives, fraud, corruption and scandal of the humongous kind, best we remember that occurring simultaneously are some wonderful acts of honesty and courage … one of the most recent being the rescue of 955 miners from Sibanye Gold Mine.

The miners were trapped underground for 24 hours when two 132 kV lines supplying mines in the Welkom area collapsed as a result of a severe storm at 23:18 on Wednesday night (31 January 2018) leaving mines in the area without electricity. While so many negative stories are ongoing in what has become South Africa’s infamous power utility – who was it who was responsible for rescuing all 955 miners? None other than a team of Eskom workers – headed by a group of women who worked around the clock to ensure that power was restored, especially to the mine where workers were trapped.

With employees like that, guess what … Eskom is going to be great again!

Read about some of our solutions and innovations in Electricity+Control, February 2018.


Articles in Electricity+Control, February 2018

  • Cables + accessories

ELPA Empowers Electrical Engineers with SANS 62305-based CPD Programme   Trevor Manas, ELPA

By becoming an ELPA member, electrical engineers will be armed with the required knowledge, backed by proper technical advice – and they will be kept up-to-date with the latest developments in the earthing and lightning protection industry.

Calculate Costing LV Cable Losses   Carel Ballack   Copper Development Association Africa (CDAA)

This article looks at the long-term cost implications and ROI of sizing cable for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. The much contested question of whether power factor correction equipment is indeed a better solution than increasing cable sizing, is answered.


  • Control valves + electric actuators

IN CONVERSATIONBrian Abbott (SMC Pneumatics) and Peter Middleton (Crown Publications) discuss SMC’s energy efficient product displays at its Midrand showroom.


  • Sensors, switches + transducers

Digital Upgrade with IO-Link   Andreas Biniasch, ifm electronic

‘Thanks to low cost robust interfaces, the sensors provide us with more information about the process which can then be more efficiently evaluated and optimised. This is one of the greatest advantages of IO-Link and a sensor feature contributing to Industry 4.O’.

How to Choose Lighting for Harsh Industrial Environments   Information provided by Banner Engineering

Selecting the right lighting for industrial environments – especially harsh and hazardous environments – is a significant component of energy management.

Effects of Temperature-related Density Changes on Hydrostatic Level Measurement   Oleg Greber, WIKA

With the knowledge of the current medium temperature, the actual density can be used to calculate the filling height. A temperature-related measuring error is thus prevented.

Is Your Operation Ready for Smart Sensors   Kevin Zomchek, Rockwell Automation

Calculating the cost of sensor configurations for the downtime related to sensor damage and malfunctions is the key to determining whether switching to smart sensors is right for you.


  • Transformers + substations

Transformer Technology: Liquid-Filled vs. Dry-Type   Information provided by Cooper Power

Dry-type transformer technology has been traditionally specified for in and near building applications to minimise the impact of environmentally detrimental fluids and accompanying fire-safety issues, while sacrificing environmental issues of energy efficiency, sound level and easy of recycling.



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