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ElectricityandControl May 2018The May 2018 issue of Electricity+Control is the last issue that I have edited after almost ten years at Crown Publications. ‘Happy-sad’ is the way I describe how I feel today – with mixed thoughts and feelings rushing through my head and heart.

I have to say that ….

I have fond memories of the late Jenny Warwick who, with Prof Ian Jandrell, hired me.

I thank Crown Publications management, Karen Grant and Will du Plessis – and the Electricity+Control team – for keeping me!

I thank advertising managers, Helen Couvaras and Heidi Jandrell, for the close working association that we formed.

I thank Crown staff (too many to mention) for the wonderful exchanges that we enjoyed.

I send my kindest to the authors, engineers, PR professionals and advertisers – all of whom provided great content and support over the years!

I wish Fiona Mosca, the new editor, all the very best in this, an undoubtedly very exciting challenge in her life.

Bless you all.

Wendy Izgorsek


Articles: May 2018


  • Sensors, switches + transducers

More to selecting Sensor Technology than Meets the Eye   Gerry Bryant, Countapulse Controls

Sensors are a critical component in the operation of engineering devices and essentially have the function of converting a stimulus into a measured signal.


  • Analytical instrumentation

The Heartbeat of a Plant’s Processes: Self –diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance   Information provided by Endress+Hauser

Imagine a production process where devices can diagnose themselves: They would realise when something is wrong or unusual and send an alarm?


  • Cyber Security

Easy way to Achieve the Optimum Control Panel   Carolin Meuschel, Siemens

The focal issue with Integrated Control Panels is to leverage potential in control panel engineering and especially in their electrical design.

Deception Technology Comes of Age   Information provided by Networks Unlimited and Attivo Networks

Deception technology is an excellent and complementary addition to any company’s layers of cyber protection strategies.

Maturity Self-assessment: Industry 4.0   Michael Grant, DataProphet

Maturity self-assessment: Do your processes have what it takes for you to benefit from Industry 4.0.

Harmonised PLC use through single interface increases plant performance   Dirk Mottmann, IS and Process Manager at Umeå Energi.

Umeå Energi integrates Siemens PLCs with ABB Ability System 800xA across its district heating plants to lower operator risk while minimising running and maintenance costs.


  • Drives, motors + switchgear

Preventative Maintenance prolongs Motor Control Centre lifespan   Pat McLaughlin, Boulting Technology

Preventative maintenance is a key tool to ensure that the MCC’s life expectancy is upheld.

Tutorial 1 of 4: Get the Control you need with Custom Control Panels   Johan Basson, JB Switchgear Solutions

If control panels have been badly designed, or they are not actually compatible with your processes, things can rapidly go wrong.


  • Energy management + environmental engineering

Windfarm Layouts: Reduce CO2 Emissions and Improve Energy Yield   Klaus Vogstad, WindFarmDesigns

By using the world’s most advanced optimisation software, wind energy producers and other businesses can quickly and easily solve massively complex business problems, faster.


  • Power quality, standby + back-up

Halting Harmful Harmonics: Active and Passive Filtering Techniques for Harmonic Mitigation   John Mitchell, CP Automation

The rise of non-linear loads in industrial environments over the last two decades has resulted in the growing problem of harmonic currents and utility-level voltage distortion.

Action Needed to Reduce Lightning Fatalities in South Africa   Information provided by ELPA (Earthing Lightning Protection Association)

Lightning fatalities have reduced dramatically over time in the USA – this as a result of improved educational outreach and public awareness. The same needs to be done in South Africa.



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