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Electricity and Control June 2018

As we enter the second half of 2018, I am pleased to present the June edition of Electricity + Control. With a broad range of informative features and noteworthy industry news, we constantly strive to bring our readers high quality content, aligned with the expectations of an industry defined by constant innovation and progress.

This month we discuss, amongst other things, cable solutions for servo and variable frequency drives, Integrated drive technology for optimised machine design and harmonic filtering on board diamond mining vessel in Namibia as well as the application of handheld test tools in preventative maintenance and introduce you to Siemens’ new generation soft starters which can be used in a host of applications. Furthermore, we also examine laser line triangulation as an optical measurement technique and review numerous state-of-the-art products and devices, bound to intrigue discerning minds.

This being my first run as editor of Electricity + Control – which has, over the years, proven to be a leader in its field – I hope that you will find this issue as stimulating to read as it was for me to work on.

Many thanks,

Fiona Mosca


Articles: June 2018


  • Cables + accessories

Cable Solutions for servo and variable frequency drives: Information provided by Helukabel

Electric drive systems with continuous torque and speed control are widespread today. They allow an optimal adjustment of the drive with respect to the application.


  • Control Systems + Automation

Integrated drive technology for optimised machine design: Andreas Golf, Beckhoff Automation

The AMP8000 distributed servo drive system provides ideal support for the implementation of modular machine designs. For this purpose, a servo drive has been directly integrated into a servomotor, all in a highly compact design.

Master mining with IIoT: Information provided by Endress+hauser

 The mining industry faces numerous challenges with regards to efficiency, safety and environmental protection. The question is whether or not ‘big data’ can help mining companies master these challenges.


  • Electrical Protection + Safety

Harmonic filtering on board diamond mining vessel: John Mitchell, CP Automation

Namibia in southwest Africa has 3 700 square miles of diamond concession at sea, which is expected to yield millions of carats of marine gemstones over the next five decades. To ensure the vessels carrying out this mining are equipped, supply, installation and repair specialist, CP Automation, helped mitigate harmful harmonics on board the prestigious Debmar Pacific diamond mining vessel.


  • Plant maintenance + Test + Measurement

Point to line – laser triangulation: Information provided by Micro-epsilon

Modern laser triangulation technology is responsible for fast, high precision and reliable measurements of manufactured components and their measuring points.

Applying handheld test tools to preventative maintenance: A Fluke application, supplied by COMTEST

Unplanned downtime caused by equipment failures costs manufacturers millions of dollars of revenue every year. In some industries, the labour costs alone associated with downtime are calculated by the second. In an era of extreme competitiveness, no one can afford to let that kind of money slip through their fingers.


  • Pressure + Level measurement + Instrumentation

Overload safety of Bourdon tube pressure gauges: Mark Syguda, Wika Instrumentation

The question occasionally arises, in connection with Bourdon tube pressure gauges, about the overload safety of the instruments. This article deals with the effect that exceeding the measuring range by up to 30 % has on the pressure gauge?