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Electricity and Control August 2018As the digital age continues to advance at rapid speed, many industries are finding themselves in a state of constant change and flux. The engineering industry is just one sector that has seen an explosion in innovation. If anything, technology is moving faster than ever, and engineers need to be acutely aware of the associated impacts and opportunities.

In this constantly evolving industry the one thing, besides change, that remains certain is the need for reliable, up-to-date information. With this in mind, Electricity + Control continues to strive towards delivering content that keeps up with all the evolutions and revolutions that characterise the industry we serve.

In our August issue we investigate lightning and surge protection on solar plants and explore the major factors that influence transformer oil degradation. We also examine dry-type transformers and discuss the numerous applications of both diesel and natural gas generators.  

Further to this, readers are provided a deeper insight into the proliferation of cyber threats within industrial environments and the advances being made in temperature measurement in power plants. As always, we also bring you the latest product news and pertinent industry happenings.



Lightning and surge protection on solar plants

Alexis Barwise, Lightning Protection Concepts

It is of great importance to protect the sensitive electronic system components on solar farms or rooftop solar panels, as well as any equipment that is connected downstream, from failure due to lightning flashes and surges.



The major factors influencing transformer oil degradation

Corné Dames, Transformer Tech Repair

Major factors influencing the degradation of transformer oil include excessive heating, oxidation, contamination, partial discharges, and related by-products.

Understanding dry-type transformers

David Claassen, Trafo Power Solutions

The use of dry-type transformers has, in recent decades, extended beyond niche applications into more universal use, with benefits ranging from safety, reliability and low installation costs to no oil-spillage risk. But what makes a dry-type transformer so different, and what types are available?



Cyber security for industrial automation and control environments

Ivan Fernandez, Frost & Sullivan

The proliferation of cyber threats has prompted asset owners in industrial environments to search for security solutions that can protect their assets and prevent potentially significant monetary loss and brand erosion. While some industries have made progress in minimising the risk of cyber-attacks, the barriers to improving cyber security remain high.



Demanding environments call for robust diesel generators

As demand for electricity throughout Africa continues to present numerous challenges, Zest WEG Group, the generator set manufacturer/electric motor supplier, remains a significant player in the provision of power to the people of the continent.

Demanding environments call for robust diesel generators

Nalen Alwar, Altaaqa Global

For critical facilities, such as hospitals, data centres, food and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and oil and gas-related sites, a constant supply of power is indispensable. It is notable that gas-powered generators are progressively gaining ground as standby power solutions.



Improving temperature measurement in power plants

By Ravi Jethra, Wika Instruments

Temperature is one of the most widely measured parameters in a power plant. No matter the type of plant, accurate and reliable temperature measurement is essential for operational excellence.

Using advanced diagnostics, modern temperature instrumentation can inform a plant's maintenance department of existing problems.