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SAWEA connects leading women in the energy sector with University students and young professionals to promote development, and to address issues of gender and transformation in the Wind sector.

Brenda Martin SAREC Chair HRBrenda Martin, CEO of SAWEA.

South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) has launched a programme to connect leading women in the energy sector with senior students at South African Universities and young professionals currently entering the energy sector.

The WindAc Africa Mentoring Programme seeks to promote the professional and personal development of youth who are interested in pursuing careers in the energy sector. The programme will proactively address issues of gender and transformation in the Wind sector by connecting both female and male students with exclusively female mentors.

This programme ambitiously moves to specifically grow future energy leaders within the Wind sector and to address issues of transformation in the renewable energy sector generally.

Noupoort Wind Farm July 2017Noupoort Wind Farm.

“Transformation of the four-year old SA renewable sector requires specific programmes focused on actively addressing the value chain within renewable power. This programme aims to contribute to the work of changing the leadership of the Industry over time. It is part of SAWEA’s commitment to actively working to drive the transformation agenda within the renewables industry,” explained Brenda Martin, CEO of SAWEA.

The structure of the mentoring programme includes matching mentors with mentees, establishing mutual commitments of time, and ongoing advisory and guidance. The first cohort of mentors and mentees will be announced at the WindAc conference taking place on 14 and 15 November and in Cape Town.

SAWEA will provide details of other areas of transformation-related work programmes over the next few months.

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