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Ian Jandrell talks to Patrick O’Halloran, City Power Johannesburg

Professional engineer at City Power Johannesburg, Patrick O’Halloran, discusses the evolution of MV power cables with Electricity+Control technical director, Ian Jandrell. This discussion relates to Patrick’s article in three parts in Electricity+Control (February, March and April 2017).


Ian Jandrell talks to Silvana Claassen of CES South Africa

Ian Jandrell talks to Silvana Claassen of CES South Africa whose articles in Electricity+Control address the imminent introduction of carbon tax in South Africa. Ian poses the question: “Are we too late to save the planet”? Silvana replies: “We need action, yesterday ... rather than today”.


Ian Jandrell talks to Norman Maleka from SEW EURODRIVE SA

Ian Jandrell catches up with SEW EURODRIVE SA’s National Sales and Marketing Manager, Norman Maleka, in the company’s Training Centre − ‘Drive Academy’. Drive Academy runs a nationwide geared motor and drive technology training programme which is based on the syllabus used to educate the company’s own engineers. Drive Academy provides end users and system integrators with the skills required for optimal use of SEW’s applications.




Ian Jandrell's comment February 2017

The Electricity+Control team recently visited SEW EURODRIVE’s head office, South of Johannesburg, where Ian Jandrell met Head of Projects, Rudi Swanepoel. They discussed the company’s supply of three complete power packs for use on the tailings side of the operation at a Lesotho Diamond mine.



Ian Jandrell's comment January 2017

 Ian Jandrell interviews Peter Middleton, one of the editors of ‘new’ Crown Publications’ magazine, MechChem Africa. ‘New’? Not quite. MechChem Africa, in a logical move, combines long standing Crown magazines, Mechanical Technology and Chemical Technology. MechChem Africa supports African engineering and technical managers across the full spectrum of chemical and mechanical disciplines.




Ian Jandrell's comments December 2016

The Electricity+Control team wishes everyone a happy and safe festive season! We'll catch up with one another in 2017!




Munesu Shoko and Doron Kowensky - November 2016

As technology emerges to make our lives easier, we should be mindful of the associated risks. Crown Publications’ editor, Munesu Shoko, discusses Remote Access Solutions and ‘Cloud’ with Doron Kowensky of H3iSquared. Doron emphasises that security should be top of mind when selecting the technology for a specific application.




Omron Robotic Solution

Omron South Africa’s Evert Janse van Vuuren, Field Application Engineer, demonstrates a vision guided pick-and-place robotic solution recently presented at the exhibitor forum of food & drink technology Africa 2016.




Solar Car Challenge

Prof. Ian Jandrell speaks to Prof. Albert Helberg, team leader of North-West University’s solar car team about next week’s Solar Car Challenge. Thirteen teams from all over the world will compete in this race from Pretoria to Cape Town. 




Ian Jandrell and Silvana Claassen September 2016

This month in Face Value  Prof. Ian Jandrell speaks to Silvana Claassen from Carbon & Energy Solutions (CES), an author of a second article published in this issue of Electricity+Control on Carbon Tax in South Africa, regulation of which becomes official in January 2017. The first article, Carbon Tax in South Africa by S. Claassen and J. Bolton, was published in May 2016 Electricity+Control.



Ian Jandrell and Alan Clark August 2016

This month Face Value comes to you from an Anechoic Chamber. Prof. Ian Jandrell speaks to Prof. Alan Clark, author and compiler of The Industrial Communications Handbook 2016 which has been distributed with the print version of Electricity+Control August and is also available online here.




Ian Jandrell's comment July 2016

Ian Jandrell discusses the significant challenges that we face as a nation at the electrical power distribution level. He also refers to illegal connections and the associated catastrophic effects.



Karen Grant, Ian Jandrell and Wilhelm du Plessis July 2016

Wilhelm du Plessis (Crown Publications’ Deputy Publisher) tells us a little about his background in publishing and Ian Jandrell, Wilhelm and Karen Grant (Crown Publications’Publisher) share their thoughts on the challenges currently facing business-to-business publishing.




Ian Jandrell's comment June 2016

In his June 2016 comment, Ian Jandrell reflects on his recent visit to India. He is most impressed with the world class education and quality research that this country delivers… as well as with the co-existence of the formal and highly developed informal economy.



Ian Jandrell's comment May 2016

Ian Jandrell asks… “When do you follow rules? When don’t you? What are ethics and how do they fit into our lives? In the absence of rules, ethics should guide our behaviour, but in the current global climate… people put rules before ethics. It should be the other way around!



Ian Jandrell's comment April 2016

While we need to acknowledge that many outstanding individuals have emerged as leaders in South Africa, generally speaking, the country’s leadership is in crisis. Ian Jandrell reminds us that having people in business influencing politicians... is actually old hat!


Ian Jandrell and Jason Huang ctd

Ian Jandrell continues his discussion with Jason Huang of Outreach Engineering. Jason wrote an article in the January 2016 issue of Electricity+Control entitled ‘Stabilising the power supply at Joburg’s Bara’ and he continues to describe solutions that Outreach Engineering comes up with for seemingly insurmountable problems.


Ian Jandrell's comment March 2016

Ian Jandrell introduces Jason Huang of Outreach Engineering, whose article in the January 2016 issue of Electricity+Control entitled ‘Stabilising the power supply at Joburg’s Bara’ engendered a confidence that the third largest hospital in the world, our own Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, is in good hands!


Ian Jandrell's comment February 2016

Climate change and global warming are hot topics. Climate change is a normal event for our planet and our responsibility is to understand how and why we may be influencing it… and we are. We are obliged, as the dominant species of the planet, to learn how best to control what we do. Instead of treating water and energy as commodities that we pay for and use, can we learn to treat them as fundamental resources?


Ian Jandrell's comment January 2016

Ian Jandrell reminds us of the fragility of not only the continent, but of the world. He touches on issues that, in 2016, we need to begin to address as a nation. His challenge is: In the chaos that prevails, there is opportunity. It is up to every one of us to find that opportunity and make a contribution to the new future.


Ian Jandrell's comment December 2015

2015 has been an interesting year… and somewhat different from what we predicted and expected. A couple of significant events and outcomes need to be acknowledged: The ‘Fees must Fall’ campaign, with the notion of affordable, quality education for all, will have fundamental consequences at a time when education is in crisis in South Africa. Another fascinating issue is the energy supply situation… how negative South Africans were at the beginning of the year… and how, seemingly, there has been a turnaround. The future of energy in any economy must be high on the agenda.


Ian Jandrell's comment November 2015

The funding and provision of quality education for the youth is necessary if this country is to move forward and upward in all respects. Every young person deserves a good education. However, with State subsidies decreasing and the cost of world-class education increasing, how can we make ‘quality education for scholars and students’ a reality in South Africa?


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