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Number of copies printed: 5450

The Crown Publications Industrial Communications Handbook 2016, written by Alan Robert Clark, with substantial input from Tim Craven, gives insight into the changed ‘industrial communications’ of 2016 compared with that of 2005, when the first Industrial Handbook was published. The complicated topic is tackled, often in a light-hearted manner... making it tangible and easily understood.

Chapters 1 – 3 cover the basics of radio communication. Chapters 4 – 6 cover the all-important aspect of security, as well as Greenfield challenges. Chapter 7 deals with some of the changes that make Ethernet a better fit to Industrial Communication. The author rounds up with concluding comments in Chapter 8.

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       Comment by Professor Ian Jandrell 

       Chapter 1: Introduction    

1.1    History       

1.2    Going forward 

1.3    Greenfield    

1.4    Wrap-up       


       Chapter 2: Radio Basics    

2.1    Time, length, phase  

2.2    Wavelengths, antennas, etc 

2.3    Radiation    

2.4    Polarisation  

2.5    Radiation pattern   


       Chapter 3: Applying Wireless in Practice                        

3.1    How far?            

3.2    Line of sight 15

3.3    Indoor and diversity 

3.4    Wireless coexistence 


       Chapter 4: Security of the Physical Network     

4.1    Communications technology of choice for mission-critical systems           

4.2    A threat defined     

4.3    Physical security    

4.4    External devices     

4.5    Direct access devices      


       Chapter 5: Security at a Wireless/ Logical Level       

5.1    Wireless meets wires 

5.2    Outdated firmware    

5.3    (pa$$.wOrds)  

5.4    Secure versus unsecure networks   

5.5    Firewalls     

5.6    Virtual Private Networks   

5.7    An ounce of prevention     

5.8    Monitoring    


       Chapter 6: Greenfield      

6.1    A fresh start 

6.2    Hardware      

6.3    Cabling       

6.4    Logical topology and redundancy   

6.5    VLANs  

6.6    IP address structures      

6.7    Routing       

6.8    Firewalls     

6.9    Less stress   


       Chapter 7: EtherNet on Steroids   

7.1    Time sensitive networking  

7.2    Trusted wireless 2.0 

7.3    Industrial network market share   


       Chapter 8: Conclusion      

8.1    Concluding remarks  

8.2    References

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[8] IEEE 802.3. Ethernet standard.

[9] IEEE 802.11. Wireless Local Area Network standard.

[10]IEEE 802.11a,b,g,n. Versions of WLAN standard.

[11]IEEE 802.1X. Port-based Network Access Control.


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