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At Electra Mining Africa 2016, Renttech SA debuted its new Uniarc Twinpro twin pack welder/generator with two 300/400 A welding units, 30 kVA three-phase power and two 6.0 kVA, 230 V power outlets. African Fusion visits the stand and talks to MD, Gerrit van Zyl.

Renttech Uniarc twin packIn keeping with the company’s core focus of offering on-site welded construction solutions for plant and industries across the sub-continent, Renttech’s new Uniarc Twinpro twin pack is a compact and robust welder/generator system that includes two independent any-process welding machines along with three-phase and single-phase utility power to fully support remote construction requirements. Adding to its mobility and versatility is a trailer-mounted option that enables the unit to be conveniently parked and ready for use within minutes of arriving.

Primary power comes from a built-in Kubota V3300 diesel engine. This Japan-based tractor company began making compact diesel engines in Illinois, USA in 1999. The advanced V3300 has a new 3-valve per cylinder construction that boasts high output and torque while keeping both vibration and exhaust emissions down to a minimum. The combustion system is made up of two air intake and one exhaust valve per cylinder, which improves the air intake rate over that of conventional engines, enabling higher power densities from a more compact package.

The engine is directly coupled to a Stamford Newage Alternator, a Cummins brand, with a continuous output rating of 30 kVA. “This engine/alternator offers unrivalled performance and reliability, making it the ideal choice for the harsh environments in which many of our clients operate,” says Van Zyl.

The inclusion of two independent welding power sources that can accommodate shielded metal arc/stick, gas tungsten arc, gas metal arc or flux cored arc welding, means that two welders can be operating simultaneously off the same welding generator. The system is designed to suit the modular Uniarc range of power units, which can be slotted into the welder/generator unit depending on the process requirements of the job.

“Customers can select between standard or pipeline welding units, for example, which can easily be removed for servicing or replacement to minimise downtime. The twin pack dual-purpose welder/generator dovetails with Renttech’s focus on offering solutions to contractors through the supply of high-quality equipment that significantly reduces production and transport costs while enabling downtime to be almost eliminated,” Van Zyl explains.


Features of the Uniarc Twinpro twin pack welder/generator

  • Two 400 A welding power units.
  • 30 to 33 kVA single- and three-phase ac power.
  • Selector switch for choosing power or welding.
  • Nine hour fuel tank.
  • Full weatherproof and soundproof enclosure with a rating of 64 db at 7.0 m, making this one of the quietest units available.
  • Four-cylinder Kubota engine running at 1 500 rpm for reduced maintenance.
  • Ideal for harsh environmental conditions.
  • All-round access for easy maintenance.
  • Safe and secure.


In addition, the unit can be used to supply 30 kVA three-phase power at 50 Hz to any piece of site equipment. Also accessible are two 6.0 kVA, 230 V power outlets for support activities such as preheating, grinding, drilling and lighting. “This allows the unit to function as a conventional 230 Vac generator, a boon when starting on a greenfield site where mains power has yet to be connected,” he adds.

As a power source, the Uniarc twin pack complies fully with OHSA specifications. A switch controls the required function of the unit and the twin pack's diesel welder operates at 1 500 rpm instead of the typical 3 000 rpm of other diesel-driven welders in the 300 to 400 A range. The lower engine speed makes the engine quieter, significantly reduces maintenance needs and increases engine life.

“Renttech equipment not only stands up to the safety standards of the respective industries we serve, it surpasses these standards,” Van Zyl claims. “Our equipment is CSIR-tested, and manufactured to SANS specifications – and our twin pack welder/generator carries the international CE mark. Furthermore, the CSIR undertakes statutory batch testing on our behalf in order to maintain our ISO 9001 accreditation, for equipment such as our web slings, for example,” he adds.

Turning attention back to the twin pack, he says, “there is nothing available in the market place comparable to this unique Renttech brainchild, which is supplied with a full backup service countrywide and into Africa.”

Benefit to the mining industry?

“At present in the mining industry, following a long period of depressed commodity prices, mines are striving in every way possible to contain costs while still maintaining stringent safety standards. Many mines, both locally and elsewhere in Africa, are situated in remote areas subject to harsh climactic conditions and other logistical challenges,” Van Zyl responds. “With the introduction of an offering such as the twin pack generator/welder, Renttech offers its mining and other customers a versatile and reliable machine that is robust, mobile, and will save on maintenance, operational time and on-site costs,” he continues.

“The demand for our range of diesel generators and top-brand welding equipment and consumables has grown enormously as customers see the benefit in the reliability, versatility and quality in our product offerings. In addition, we do not just sell or rent equipment, we provide full on-site service and support, thereby ensuring the best overall solution for the customer. From their point of view, this results in excellent return-on-investment and faster more economical project completion,” Van Zyl tells African Fusion.

Along with the expansion of its national and sub-Saharan African footprint over the past few years, Renttech has been meeting a growing demand for its equipment in the mining sector; and in particular, for its range of diesel generators and top-brand welding equipment and consumables.

For example, the company supplied a large ‘greenfield’ project at one of Namibia’s major uranium mines, providing the necessary equipment and consumables for the construction of a process plant; as well as on-site technical support for the duration of the project, from mid-2014 to mid-2016.

“Renttech's new Namibian branch is proud to be able to supply brands such as Lincoln, Harris and Gentec; as well as our own Uniarc and Unilift ranges. From this branch, Renttech provided the necessary equipment and consumables for the construction of the process plant at the mine. This included engine-driven, multi-process welding machines; inverter welding packages; the Harris and Gentec ranges of gas welding and cutting equipment; and various welding consumables such as torches, stainless flux-cored wires as well as SMAW and GTAW consumables.

“Apart from supplying equipment, Renttech supported the customer with on-site technical support. Being able to offer on-site technical and project support for as long as required is an important part of Renttech’s customer service offering. We established an on-site presence on the mine at the beginning of the contract, which allowed us to ensure that all equipment and consumable requirements were being met on a daily basis. This is essential for downtime to be minimised and is, therefore, an integral part of Renttech SA's ‘total package’ solution,” Van Zyl concludes.

As well as showcasing its Uniarc twin pack welder-generator at Electra Mining 2016, various welding techniques were demonstrated and discussed using welding equipment and machines from Harris, Gentec, Lincoln, Uniarc and Multiarc product ranges. Renttech SA's target market embraces the full spectrum of on-site, plant-based and construction services for industries such as petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation, maritime services and mining.

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