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Optimal productivity requires welding equipment that combines effective operation with maximum cost-efficiency. Modular and modern standardised robot cells such as ABB’s FlexArc® are an established way of raising quality and productivity standards.

FlexArc Cell WhiteFlexArc® welding cells are designed to deliver cost-effective, state of-the-art robotic welding operations. All cells deliver maximum performance whilst making optimum use of available space. The basic cell options feature a single or two robots with Multi-Move, a choice of ABB positioners from an extensive range and welding equipment to suit the needs of the application.

All equipment is installed on a common movable platform, which provides for easy relocation within the production facilities. The cells are also equipped with centralised power distribution – all of the connected equipment such as robots, positioners, welding machines, lighting and other peripheral devices are supplied from a single power connection, which means that only one supply cable for the whole cell is necessary.

Advantages of adopting ABB’s FlexArc welding cells include:

  • Low investment costs.
  • An intuitive graphical user interface for operators.
  • Reduced downtime thanks to improved error handling.
  • Higher quality through automatic production and process monitoring.
  • Improved cost-efficiency thanks to global standardisation.
  • Short delivery times.
  • Proven two-station principle – loading and welding.
  • Off-line programming for fast and easy implementation.
  • Improved workspace safety.
  • Boosts workflow.

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