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Leading materials handling equipment solutions provider, Goscor Lift Truck Company, has launched in South Africa Crown’s InfoLink, a wireless operator and fleet management solution that puts the power of accurate, up-to-date business metrics right at management’s fingertips.

Crown InfoLinkIn 2013, InfoLink received the International Forklift of the Year Award in the “Forklift Truck Solutions” category for revolutionising materials handling technology for well-known UK office supplies wholesaler Spicers by reducing maintenance and repair costs by 90%.

Another overseas example comes from Spanish express logistics provider, Palibex, whose systems director Guillermo Cagigas says, “InfoLink has helped us to optimise our entire MHE fleet and streamline our operations by giving us a clear, daily overview of the time each lift truck is in use, the number of metres covered, how long each battery lasts, as well as impacts, so we can ensure both trucks and merchandise are treated with utmost respect.”

In essence, InfoLink helps customers monitor and manage the efficient use of the forklift fleet and total operations by delivering actionable data through content-rich, interactive dashboards that help fleet managers focus on real opportunities and avoid wasted time deciphering mounds of data.

Darryl Shafto, Goscor Lift Truck MD says InfoLink enables greater efficiency of the fleet, giving a complete overview of equipment usage. “Also, because of the inclusion of safety-related impact monitoring, the operators drive more carefully, resulting in significantly less damage.”

Apart from impact monitoring and history, InfoLink, through its user-friendly interface, provides management fleet-wide visibility into an array of other operator and fleet information, such as battery usage, truck utilisation, service needs and more.

Shafto says that in this age where technology can assist warehouse operators to save a lot of money, Crown’s range of technological solutions stand out in the industry. “Globally, Crown has helped its customers gain a revolutionary perspective on their fleets by connecting the machines, operators and facilities to create a uniquely integrated and efficient operation. This technology will help fleet owners reduce the total cost of ownership significantly,” he adds.

Goscor Lift Truck Company has been supplying Crown manufactured forklifts into the South African market for over 30 years. Crown’s successful implementation of the on-board technology in many markets across the world, will enable Goscor to offer and fully support the technology locally.

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