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An in-depth understanding of lifting solutions, tower cranes in particular, has seen Crane & Hoist Equipment SA secure an order from WBHO for three used Potain tower cranes.

Louw Smit, sales director of Crane & Hoist Equipment SA, says that when a company is adding to its tower crane fleet it is critical that the configuration of the units already in the fleet are considered. “By doing this, it is possible to allow optimum usage of the new cranes as well as the existing equipment by ensuring that the majority of sections and chassis are interchangeable.”

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Smit says it is also always advisable when making the decision to purchase second-hand tower cranes, that the supplier selected has a sound understanding of the market, the application of this equipment and most importantly has access to quality used equipment.

“We sourced two of the tower cranes via our network in Europe and the third one locally. The tower cranes will be thoroughly inspected to ensure the lifting performance of the equipment prior to handing over to the customer,” Smit says.

The tower cranes which will bolster the WBHO fleet are a Potain MD238A, a Potain MD 208A and a Potain MTD218.

The Potain MD238A offers a 10 t maximum lifting capacity with a 60 m jib and will allow good reach onto a project site. This particular tower crane also offers the flexibility of erection using fixing angles making it suitable for confined spaces. Where this is not required, this crane offers the options of being installed on a chassis. Adding to the flexibility of this crane, it is possible to anchor and jack the crane which will provide additional height.

The Potain MD208A has a 62,5 m jib length with a 10 t maximum capacity. It offers the same flexibility in terms of either fixing angles or chassis mount. Additional height is again possible through jacking.

The Potain MDT 218 has a 65 m jib length with a 10 t maximum capacity and is installed using fixing angles making it suitable for erection in tight areas.

Crane & Hoist Equipment SA was established late last year to offer a range of tower crane sourcing, refurbishment, sales and site management services. The company has strong supply networks locally and abroad to source used cranes, and also has close links with original equipment suppliers allowing it to provide an above average service to the market.

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