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Ctrack’s comprehensive fleet management solution has been fitted to all trucks in Time Link Cargo’s fleet. The top-end telematics solution gives Time Link Cargo, a leading South African logistics service provider, a full range of services, including visibility of who and what is being transported in their trucks at any given time.

Top end Ctrack solution for Time Link Cargo fleetThe Ctrack solution also enhances safety for Time Link Cargo’s drivers and provides additional security for the company’s supply chain operation. It consists of an advanced fleet management tracking unit, integrated cameras on trucks and trailers, an in-cab routing device, jamming detection technology and trailer tracking.

Time Link Cargo’s immediate need was the complete security of its trucks and loads, primarily due to both the value of cargo transported and the length of time spent on the roads.

Since deployment, Ctrack’s camera surveillance solution has given the long-haul transporter the 24-hour visibility it was looking for via three cameras inside each truck: one in-cab, one forward-facing and the other at the rear of the vehicles.

Ctrack’s integrated camera solution includes real-time video reporting, snapshot and video remote search and video downloads of incidents via Wi-Fi. It makes it possible to corroborate details of accidents, and give trusted accounts, recordings and snapshots before, during and after incidents.

Furthermore, Ctrack’s fleet monitoring software, jamming detection devices and wireless trailer tracking systems have assisted in combating hi-jacking. This has given peace of mind to Time Link Cargo drivers, especially while moving through high-risk areas.

“As a company which puts its clients’ safety first, we are pleased to see how effectively Time Link Cargo is using our full suite of solutions to gain complete visibility of their fleet operations. Ctrack remains committed to bringing innovative fleet tracking and fleet management tools to the market,” says Hein Jordt, MD of Ctrack South Africa.

“The Ctrack solution provides a one-stop shop that enhances our fleet management capabilities,” adds Time Link Cargo CEO, Kamal Mitoo. “It provides me and my management team with live visibility which allows us to stay on top of our fleet’s risk elements and productivity. It also contributes to the safety of our drivers and crew members.”

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