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Wacker Neuson South Africa is adding value to its light, compact equipment and service portfolio with the introduction of an in-house financing solution to assist customers with the purchase of new, demo and used Wacker Neuson equipment.

“The tailor-made financial solution confirms that our commitment to our customers is not mere lip service,” states Dennis Vietze, MD for Wacker Neuson sub-Saharan Africa. “We want our customers to thrive but challenges such as difficulties in securing finance and cash flow can have a negative impact on our and our customers’ business growth. With the addition of the financing portfolio we can confidently position ourselves as a complete turnkey light, compact equipment and service partner.”                     

Wacker Neusons in house financing solutions assist customers with the purchase of new demo and used Wacker Neuson equipmentRecognising the intricacies surrounding financing, Wacker Neuson elected to partner with a solid, reputable and reliable finance company. “Our customers require straightforward and dependable financing solutions that will take their businesses forward,” states Vietze. “So we have worked closely with our finance partner to develop a flexible financial solution offering to ensure that we meet customers’ varying needs according to their businesses and budget. I believe we have achieved our objectives,” affirms Vietze who describes Wacker Neuson’s new in-house financing portfolio as “uncomplicated, reliable and individual.”

He adds, “The fact that customised financial solutions are also available for demo and used Wacker Neuson machines bears testimony to our level of trust in the reliability and service life of our machines.”

Wacker Neuson’s financing suite offers qualifying customers a wide range of flexible options to choose from including leasing, rent-to-purchase and rental fleet financing. Leasing offers the financial leeway necessary for medium to long-term use of equipment. Various lease options enable customers to adapt the leasing agreement to their individual needs, depending on the order situation and market development.

Rental-purchase transfers ownership of the rental-purchase equipment to the customer at the end of the contract period. In addition to retaining liquidity, this financing option provides customers with certainty for future planning. As operators of rental parks have specific requirements for their fleet, Wacker Neuson provides these customers with comprehensive financing support coupled with first-class advice. For even greater flexibility, customers also have a choice of balloon or seasonal payments.

Benefits offered by Wacker Neuson’s in-house financing package include a buy-back option that is fully covered by Wacker Neuson‘s financial partner for complete customer peace of mind. Customers will also be able to closely monitor costs by using the monthly rates to accurately calculate monthly expenses. “Furthermore, by opting for one of our in-house financial solutions to finance Wacker Neuson equipment minimises risk for our customers owing to the high resale value of our durable, superior quality products,” states Vietze.

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