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Kemach JCB’s strong service ethic provides a solid foundation on which the company builds and maintains sound long-term relationships with customers like Lusthof Civil & Plant Hire.

Kemach JCBs service builds long term customer relationships

Founded by Anton Schonken, Lusthof Civil & Plant Hire specialises in quarry and gravel road building projects, operating from Loeriesfontein in the Northern Cape to Port St. John’s in KwaZulu-Natal as well as in Lesotho. To serve such a vast region efficiently requires a dedicated team of close to 200 people and a fleet of 62 machines. 

Schonken’s relationship with Kemach JCB began in the early 90s. Following a visit to the JCB factory in the UK and impressed by the professional JCB staff, Schonken purchased his first JCB, a previously owned TLB, in 1993. Today his JCB fleet comprises 26 machines: 14 excavators (24-36 t), five TLBs, five compaction rollers (11,5-20 t), two skid steer loaders with attachments, and the more recent additions, four JS305 excavators.

Ranking service higher than the machines themselves, Schonken states that Kemach JCB’s across-the-board service excellence is what differentiates them within the compact machine industry. “After 8 000 hours of operation all machines need some kind of repairs. Due to the protracted tight economic climate I am forced to extend ownership of my machines by two years and consequently they demand more service and maintenance,” he says.

“I simply cannot afford to lose projects due to downtime caused by machine failure. My business therefore relies on Kemach JCB and the team at the Port Elizabeth branch understands this. They ensure that parts are readily available and that my machines are repaired promptly so that they can be back in operation with minimum delay.”

“Aftersales service remains a priority focus for us,” says Elmar Minderon, sales representative at Kemach JCB in Port Elizabeth. “The Eastern Cape team has a passion for the product, which shows in consistently good service delivery and customer support. We understand just how critical good all-round service is to ensure customer uptime.”

“Service goes way beyond the on-time delivery of equipment. Delivering high service levels in the initial stages of the customer relationship is one thing but the ability to sustain these high levels after the sale is quite another. It is about keeping the right spares and the right quantities in stock, getting to the customer quickly and making the repair rapidly whilst ensuring that the work is done right by skilled and trained technicians – in a nutshell, ensuring you are there every time the customer needs you." 

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