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Wirtgen South Africa is to launch a “Classic” version of the Hamm 3410 single-drum compactor to meet the needs of upcoming road contractors. While it retains the same German build quality, some of the standard sophisticated features will only be available as options, significantly lowering the machine’s price.   

During the first quarter of this year, Wirtgen South Africa will roll out a “Classic” version of its Hamm 3410 single-drum compactor. Part of the larger 3000 Series, the “Classic” Hamm 3410, specifically configured for the South African market, will speak directly to the needs of upcoming road contractors.

Wirtgens simplified Hamm 3410 compactor for upcoming contractors

Waylon Kukard, Sales Manager at Wirtgen South Africa, says the “simplification” of the model is a true indicator of Wirtgen’s commitment to small contractor development, in line with its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the South African National Road Agency (SANRAL) signed last year on 19 October.

Wirtgen and SANRAL’s MoU is aimed at giving CIDB-graded contractors access to road construction machinery which enables them to participate more meaningfully in major construction SANRAL projects. The agreement also affords small to medium construction contractors full access to the Wirtgen Group’s full suite of leading equipment brands, as well as financing, training and logistics.   

In the 3000 range of Compactors, Wirtgen South Africa offers the 3410 (10-11 tonne class), the 3411 (11-12 t class) and the 3520 (20 t). The 3410 is Wirtgen’s most common roller in South Africa as it falls in the 10-12 t class, which is the most widely used roller range in southern Africa. It is suited to most small to medium applications, and is also the most common rental unit in South Africa.

“We have had a look at the needs of this group of customers and we believe that the 3410 “Classic” is the leading line as far as their compaction equipment needs are concerned,” says Kukard. “We have looked at the features required and have resolved to offer some of the more sophisticated features as options as opposed to having them as standard.

Notable features to be offered as options on the Hamm 3410 “Classic” single-drum compactor are the Automatic Vibration feature and Hamm Compaction Meter, which will now place more operational control with the operator. A further option which works together with the Automatic Vibration and Compaction Meter, namely the Hammtronic electronic machine management system (HCQ), is also available as an option.

“The HCQ is designed to monitor all engine and vehicle functions and adapts the traction and vibration/oscillation drives as well as engine speed automatically to the prevailing operating conditions,” explains Kukard. Accordingly, all other components are operated in the optimum range. This feature ensures that fuel consumption as well as exhaust and noise emissions are all automatically managed to operate within optimal ranges.

On all compactors equipped with Hammtronic, the driver can preselect the desired speed. It automatically remains constant, as though under cruise control. This creates the optimum conditions for homogenous compaction. With this feature, continuously variable frequency control is also possible, enabling extremely precise adjustment of the compaction parameters. Last but not least, Hammtronic ensures gentle braking and acceleration of the machines – a further factor which has an impact on compaction quality. 

The Automatic Vibration feature allows the machine to vibrate automatically (on and off) in line with the compaction needs of the job at hand. With the new, 3410 “Classic”, operators will now be required to activate the vibration on an off manually.

The HCM serves to measure and display the subsoil rigidity. To do so, an acceleration sensor on the drum measures the ground rigidity during dynamic compaction. The measurement result, the HMV value, shows the driver whether or not the subsoil is sufficiently compacted. In many cases, the information helps reduce the number of passes and avoid over-compaction.

“The strategy is to offer contractors a “Classic” roller boasting German build quality synonymous with our brand.” The Classic Hamm 3410 still remains a cutting-edge single-drum compactor and one of the outstanding features is the 3-point articulation, which ensures optimum driving comfort, as well as outstanding traction and off-road mobility, even on rough terrain.

“The benefits of the 3-point articulation can be seen every day in many situations on the construction site. One plus factor is the favourable weight distribution – it makes for enormous driving stability and ensures outstanding traction, even in rough terrain,” concludes Kukard.

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