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Bridgewater Logistics’ team of skilled employees and technology capabilities are being harnessed by South African businesses to provide them with a strategic competitive edge.

Bridgewater Logistics is an extension of customer service teams

“Our skilled and experienced staff members have become a direct extension of our customers’ teams,” says Quinton de Villiers, MD of Bridgewater Logistics, a leading South African third-party logistics provider (3PL).

“They bring expertise in, among others, claims management, track-and-trace, expediting, data procurement, reporting, invoicing and auditing. In addition to significantly strengthening our clients’ existing resources with specialised skills and capabilities, partnering a seasoned third-party logistics’ provider has saved them in labour costs.”

However, one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing transport logistics functions to Bridgewater Logistics is the ability to reallocate resources and concentrate all efforts on core business. These include sales, marketing and product development, while a trusted partner oversees the increasingly important transport logistics operations.

This approach has led to improved customer satisfaction by being able to provide better quality products to the market faster. Businesses also benefit from improvements in accuracy and consistency of response for, among others, picking, sorting and truck-loading operations.

“Logistics management is a vital component of running any business. Considering rising energy costs, complex supply chains and growing consumer demands, more South African businesses are outsourcing their transport logistics to experts in the field to help them keep their heads above water. This is evident by the growth in demand for 3PL services, especially during the extremely turbulent economic conditions over the past few years,” says De Villiers.

Smaller companies also benefit from access to capital-intensive sophisticated infrastructure and technologies. A sound example is Bridgewater Logistics’ systems that are used to detect inefficiencies in the supply chain. These are also regularly deployed in the company’s state-of-the-art project-management services to provide clients with a competitive edge.

This is in addition to the company’s sophisticated track-and-trace capabilities that provide real-time updates on shipments. Access to such information has enabled Bridgewater Logistics’ clients make proactive decisions based on where their freight is located.

The company’s advanced transport-management software also provides significant savings in time and money. This logistics platform is used to optimise the daily operations of transportation fleets

Bridgewater Logistics provides a comprehensive transport logistics solution, spanning distribution and line-haul truck transportation through to warehousing and cross-docking services.

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