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The efficiency of process equipment is a critical factor in maximising operational profitability in a flotation circuit. Difficult economic conditions increase the pressure to reduce operating costs and improve the efficiency of existing assets in order to maintain profitability.

Outotec Oyj holistic approachAgeing flotation equipment can have a huge impact on a plant's metallurgical performance, energy efficiency, and consequently profitability. To solve the deficiency in productivity caused by aging equipment, either capital investment in a new equipment is required, or alternatively, the existing equipment can be modernised.

Outotec offers a holistic approach to maximize the benefits of a modernization project. The comprehensive range of tailored modernization solutions bring measurable value across the three key areas of flotation: Product recovery; Plant availability; and Operational costs.

Focus on customer's business performance

Outotec's new service portfolio is focused on customer's performance improvement. Following the performance service approach, the current situation is assessed and benchmarked and the customised service solution is then created to meet customer's precise requirement and asset needs. This means that each case is evaluated individually, and a site-specific solution is developed based on the current process and equipment setup as well as the targeted outcomes of the project. The service solutions are designed to increase efficiency and help achieve a step change in performance during the entire lifecycle of the plant.

Outotec modernisation solutions cover every single part of the flotation environment. Customers can select modular packages to address their most urgent needs, or these can be combined to create a comprehensive solution for the entire flotation process. Outotec offers everything from basic hardware delivery to full turnkey implementation and full on-site support.

Flotation modernisation guidebook available for download

The wide possibilities and benefits of modernising the existing flotation equipment are now combined into one volume, which offers a comprehensive guidebook to plant managers, maintenance managers, flotation operators and investors alike to understand the available options and the value achievable through these services.

The guidebook provides insight on how Outotec services can improve grade and recovery, process stabilisation, process control, capacity, maintenance cost, availability, energy consumption, wear life and safety.

The guidebook offers a full view starting from customer requirements to project planning and execution; it discusses various approaches and services as well as presents some key technology highlights. It also provides a practical guide on project timelines and presents tools that help in estimating the expected improvements and calculating their return on investment.

The guidebook is available for download from the company website:

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