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A need for a CAIA Environment Committee (EnCo) that facilitates direct engagement with members of the Association as well as the provision of substantive and company-specific inputs towards advocacy initiatives was identified as a result of the increasing volume of environmentally-related policy and legislation that is being developed at the national level. An additional approach to the current advocacy strategy was therefore considered to further enhance the value members receive from CAIA in the advocacy arena.

Environment Month Poster CAIAMade up of members of the association, EnCo discusses policy and legislative issues under an environmental mandate.

The Committee aims to provide a cooperative environment where views can be shared and strategies developed to strengthen the chemical industry’s impact on the overall view of government when policy and legislation is being developed or revised, in order to:

• Encourage the effective strategic review of policy and legislation so that there is an emphasis on the impact of legislation and policy,
• Mitigate the temporal and resource burden on companies necessary for analysis,
• Mitigate the pressures that increased environmental regulation places on the cost of doing business, and
• Facilitate continuous improvement by Responsible Care® signatories.

Members meet regularly in Johannesburg and Durban as the Process Safety Forum to share knowledge and information on improving process safety. This is particularly beneficial to smaller companies who do not have large budgets for training and resources.

Regular workshops and networking sessions are held to keep members up-to-date with developments in the sectors that affect them, including legislation, regulations and new technologies. A Responsible Care® training course has also been launched.

Responsible Care® has an ongoing outreach programme to schools, universities and affiliated organisations, and requires members to initiate and maintain communication with their local communities, workforce and stakeholders.

CAIA’s website is a source of many documents, articles and resources that can be easily downloaded.

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