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‘Pressure for all media’ was the theme for the annual VEGA Golf Day held at the Roodepoort Country Club in Ruimsig (West of Johannesburg) on 18 January 2018.

Florian Burgert and John Groom

VEGA’s Florian Burgert (Product Manager, Pressure Measurement and Instrumentation) and John Groom (African Region Group Director for VEGA).

When it comes to process pressure, hydrostatic pressure and differential pressure, VEGA is continuously looking to improve measuring instruments through ongoing research and development and by producing customer-specific solutions.

VEGA has been developing and producing pressure transmitters for all sorts of applications and industries for over 40 years.

The VEGABAR series 80 is a testament to VEGA’s innovative strength. VEGABAR series 80 includes temperature shock compensation – and two VEGABAR series 80 pressure transmitters used together can measure electronic differential pressure.

Enquiries: Chantal Groom chantal.groom@vega.com