Electricity + Control

Frontier Markets, India: A last-mile sales, marketing and after-sales service distribution company bringing clean energy solutions to rural India. A growing network of rural women are empowered with clean, safe energy access and training to become micro-entrepreneurs promoting solar energy systems.

Hogan Lovells Community Solar Innovation Award winners

Yasmin Waljee (International Pro Bono Director at Hogan Lovells), Ananda Gosh (South Asian Forum for Environment, India), Abubaker Musuuza (Village Energy, Uganda), Alinta Geling (Oolu Mali SARL, Mali), Bahizire Boniface (Sauti ya Mwanamke Kijijini – (SAMWAKI), Democratic Republic of Congo), Yerill Giomar Tórrez Ruíz (Association Grupo Fenix (GF), Nicaragua), Arne (Kumudzi Kuwale, Malawi), Macdonald Manda (Masole Ammele Enterprise, Malawi), Jon Strand (Kumudzi Kuwale, Malawi).

Grupo Fenix, Nicaragua: Runs courses that target students and professionals to facilitate information exchange on building and solar-technology. Clients participate in hands-on activities such as building solar cell-phone chargers and installing photovoltaic systems in rural homes that lack access to electricity.

Kalpavriksha Greater Goods, Nepal: Alleviates energy poverty in rural Nepal by empowering women entrepreneurs to sell clean energy products, stimulating economic growth. Women entrepreneurs are given extensive business training and mentorship support.

Kumudzi Kuwale, Malawi: Supplies charging stations in villages where locals can rent solar lamps, batteries and charge mobile phones; ensuring basic electricity is supplied at affordable costs in financially sustainable ways.

Masole Ammele, Malawi: Promotes the use of solar water pumps in organic fish farming and production; and provides market linkages to fresh fish, dry fish and fish fingerlings through working with organised local household farmers.

Oolu Mali, Mali: The first pay-as-you-go distributor of off-grid solar energy in Mali. The unique payment infrastructure is complemented by entrepreneurial thinking which is geared towards promoting employment and gender equality in rural Mali.

SAMWAKI, Democratic Republic of Congo: This rural women’s organisation runs a solar powered radio station Radio Bubusa and provides its listeners with portable solar radios and solar charging stations; and runs an agro-ecological cooperative COOPAEKI that focuses on coffee agriculture.

Solar Freeze, Kenya: Provides smallholder farmers in Kenya access to portable solar cooling units to prevent post-harvest loss, thus providing farmers and traders the leverage to move and store smaller quantities of fresh produce more frequently.

South Asian Forum for Environment, India: Uses solar energy to ensure a supply of safe drinking water for the urban poor, creating a women centric end-to-end solution for climate adaptive basic amenities and sanitation with minimal emissions.

Village Energy, Uganda: Designs and installs customised solar installations for businesses, agriculture and community institutions that lead to improved livelihoods, job creation, and access to services. With its travelling academy, it trains rural youth and women as solar technicians to find opportunities within the solar industry.

Enquiries: Amar Munnolimath. Email amar@hoganlovellssolaraward.com