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Schneider Electric’s mySchneider App is an innovative tool that is easily accessible, offering productivity-improving features for customers and partners. The app, a first-of-its kind in the industry, is a digital tool that allows distributors, end users and contractors to gain tailored services, full access to the products catalogue, up to date information and expert support.

MySchneider appEmbodying its commitment to deliver services and solutions to its customers and partners through digitisation, Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, has found a way to make sure that ‘Life is On’ for its clients and partners. Registered users receive real-time notifications on updated technical documents, as well as product news. Additionally, they can easily track orders and receive the freedom to customise features according to their specific job needs. As a result, both efficiency and productivity are maximised.

Assistance is available 24/7 through a number of self-service options, including the ability to search products by name or reference number. The app also provides instant access to continuously updated technical content such as FAQs, product documentations, eCatalogues, environmental information with Green Premium eco-label, public prices and a wide range of technical courses. Users also have easy access to expert assistance on product technical information through a live connection to local experts, or by making use of a ‘call me back’ option. 

The mySchneider app makes it easy to find product information with a built-in barcode/QR code scanner while also pinpointing the nearest distributor of Schneider Electric products.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, and in 30 languages, the mySchneider app is regularly updated to offer more languages and tailored functionalities.

For more information visit www.schneiderelectric.com/myschneider-app