Electricity + Control

With a population of over 57 million, South Africa’s future growth is greatly dependent on energy consumption and distribution. With the country’s current energy landscape being dominated by distribution failures, authorities are not only planning for a more structured infrastructure but also smart solutions that will increase reliability and reduce losses.

RMUTaking this into account Siemens has developed a new Ring Main Unit (RMU) 8DJH ST particularly for this market. The Siemens RMU takes all the required factors into account and is rated up to 12kV, 630A with short circuit rating of 21kA for three seconds. This RMU is ideally suited for all distribution applications in rural and urban areas and can be customised to meet various ever-evolving technical and functional customer-specific requirements.

Besides being environment friendly, hermetically sealed and gas insulated, this solution is type tested for Internal arc 21kA for one second and holds an FLR classification for both tank and cable compartments.

The South African market is specifically driven by the requirement for separate cable testing facilities with regards to these RMU’s, therefore Siemens has provided a completely interlocked and type-tested cable testing facility, fulfilling all requirements as per the latest SANS standard 1874. To achieve maximum operator safety, Siemens has performed the internal arc test on the RMU with the door of the cable testing facility open.

The 8DJHST RMU is automation-ready and can be supplied with internal RTU’s, making the system smart-grid-ready.

This solution makes installation and operation simple and its impressive safety features, compact design and value for money makes this RMU suitable for both the utility distribution network as well as various infrastructure and industrial applications.