Electricity + Control

By continuously monitoring the health of critical equipment, expensive catastrophic failure, unplanned downtime and injuries can be minimised.

Machine condition monitoring at its finestA comprehensive system of monitoring and analysis however, can be very complicated and expensive. Smaller operators often just want to know when failure is looming, to allow for timeous investigation and corrective action.

R&C Instrumentation has identified this need and designed the BCM-1601 Bearing Condition Monitor.

This is an affordable, stand-alone, permanent monitoring system, incorporating vibration and temperature sensing. The system provides LCD display, alarm and 4-20mA retransmission of both the vibration and temperature levels sensed. The ranges and alarm set points are user programmable and the 4-20mA retransmission allows for later integration into PLC/SCADA or other computerised aids for more comprehensive analysis should the need arise in the future.

In conclusion, the basic system provides valuable protection at low cost, while at the same time allowing for expansion as the operation grows.

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