Electricity + Control

The new generation H100 range of VFDs uses LSIS’s ‘Future Smart’ technology to save energy costs through intelligent monitoring of motor loading. The motor current and voltage are controlled in such a way that performance is not sacrificed.

New mains or solar powered HVAC VFD sets industry standardWhen required for use on solar panels, the VFD can be supplied in hybrid form, whereby full MPPT tracking of the PV cell’s voltage is provided, until the voltage is too low, after which the H100 will switch automatically to normal mains mode, should this mode be required (for use at night or in poor light conditions).

The VFD is equipped with a real-time clock which can be used to program running times (start, stop, duration, etc.)

The seven PID algorithms provide accurate pressure and flow control, while the pipe-fill function avoids pump cavitation and affords detection of a pipe break.

In Multi-Motor Mode, a single H100 can be used to sequentially and smoothly control up to six motors for applications such as cooling towers and multi-pump systems.

In HVAC systems, the Fire Mode allows the VFD to run at a pre-programmed set speed on exhaust fans for smoke removal. This mode will continue under these conditions until destruction of the motor of VFD by the fire.

Many other features are available in the H100, a VFD that truly sets the industry and market standard.

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