Electricity + Control

Engineering disciplines must grow together in the Industry 4.0 era, optimising information flows and increasing productivity. But how can current departmental boundaries be overcome? Syngineer ensures that designers from electrical and mechanical engineering “talk to one another”. The cloud-based tool facilitates better communication while simultaneously optimising interdisciplinary cooperation for developing machines and systems.

Syngineer brings engineering designers together

Changes made in the mechanical engineering CAD environment are made transparent and comprehensible for the electrical engineers.

For many design engineers, one of the central, day-to-day challenges is getting and providing information. Syngineer, an innovative cloud-based solution from Eplan and its affiliate Cideon, can help master this challenge. The software accelerates and simplifies coordination in engineering – specifically between mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and PLC/software. The system ensures better collaboration by promoting cross-departmental information exchange. In this way it also reduces the number of manual tasks that often occur at the last minute and that are therefore particularly costly.

Simple system for more transparency

Syngineer takes a project-based approach for users. The application is simple: “Connectivity between the MCAD software and Eplan Electric P8 through Syngineer can be set up quickly and is easy to use,” says Max Lützel, Team Lead Consulting Syngineer. “After a short orientation, colleagues are able to find out, for instance, if a motor in the design was changed later in the process.”

With Syngineer, electrical engineers initially get an additional navigator within their familiar working environment. This navigator networks them across departments to their colleagues from mechanical engineering. The two design departments can exchange engineering information bi-directionally. With this integration, the mechanical and electrical design engineers continue to work conveniently in their own systems and to coordinate the latest developments, either via the integrated chat function or they can be informed of changes by e-mail. Settings are easy to customise using the notification management system.

Central overview of development status

Syngineer labels a task’s or request’s current processing status. Subsequent changes in the development process and their status are also visible to all relevant employees. The system further provides information about which employees have made which changes. Project managers thus have a global overview of the project and can also outline post hoc customer requirements in a central location. The software is currently available in German and English - further software languages will follow. Access via internet browser, smartphone, tablet or notebook is supported – an essential in the era of globalisation.


Another significant, practical advantage of the cloud technology foundation is that external partners, customers and suppliers can also be easily integrated into the development process. In addition, the cloud architecture offers the benefit of flexible user scalability. Companies can vary the number of users at any time as needed and provide access to related departments including production, commissioning and maintenance.

In conclusion

Syngineer ensures efficient information exchange, saving time and increasing product quality. The automatic creation of sensor/actuator lists with Syngineer offers even more savings potential, enabling companies to reduce working times by 30 %. The system also offers the benefit of increased documentation quality.

Syngineer is a solution developed by Eplan Software & Service, a CAE solutions provider that advises companies on the optimisation of their engineering processes. Eplan is a subsidiary of the global Friedhelm Loh Group, and has a presence in more than 50 countries, providing support to more than 45 000 customers around thw world with more than 120 000 installations.

For more information contact Johan Reyneke on +27 (0) 11 609 8294 or email: Reyneke.J@eplan-software.co.za