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Newly appointed chief executive officer of the Zest WEG Group, Siegfried Kreutzfeld, says, as part of its ongoing growth plans, the group will continue to focus on opportunities in more African countries.

With 40 years of service in the global WEG Group, Kreutzfeld brings a wealth of industry experience to the top job at the South African business, which he joined in January 2019. He was most recently the managing director of WEG China.

Zest WEG Group new CEO Kreutzfeld

Siegfried Kreutzfeld, CEO of Zest WEG Group.

“WEG has a very simple strategy: we believe in continuing growth on all continents,” he says. “This is achieved by maintaining close relationships with all our customers and ensuring that we deliver quality products. We underpin all this by our high levels of service and support.”

Established in South Africa to create a strong national footprint, the Zest WEG Group has grown steadily into other Africa countries. With its responsibility for the sub-Saharan market, it operates branches in Ghana, Tanzania, Mozambique and Namibia. The group also has partners in countries such as Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe, DRC and Zambia. Today, the Zest WEG Group ranks among the top five operations in the global WEG Group.

Zest WEG power transformer on Eskom grid

A 20 MVA 132kV WEG power transformer installed on the Eskom grid.

“Many of our products are well established across the continent,” says Kreutzfeld. “However, we believe there is growth potential with both mature products – such as low voltage motors and high voltage motors, drives and switchgear – as well as other products we manufacture locally, such as transformers, motor control centres, panels and generators.”

He sees major opportunities with premium efficiency products across the range, including WEG IE3 motors and WEG CFW drives.

“Also key to the group’s growth potential is our ability to offer a fit-for-purpose integrated solution,” says Kreutzfeld. “This is available across all sectors and especially in power generation, electrical infrastructure and mobile power and energy solutions. We will also be introducing WEG solutions for renewable energy applications.”

The wide range of products in Zest WEG Group’s market offering suit applications across a broad spectrum of industries including mining, petrochemicals, agriculture, water and wastewater, paper and pulp, sugar and energy – including traditional coal-fired power plants and renewable energy.

For more information: visit www.zestweg.com