An independent test has proven that a Vesconite left-hand torque-plate bushing, made from a no-grease hard-wearing engineered polymer, shows 35% less wear than a phosphor bronze right-hand torque-plate bushing of a similar design after one year of being exposed to abrasive material.

In order to successfully place the mining industry in a positive light according to public opinion, there are values and factors that need to continuously remain upheld. To restore public opinion of the industry, it is important that regular mine planning compliance measurement takes place in order to garner support through safety and minimal environmental impact.

Using clay stock bricks for a building project has many benefits and advantages for the actual construction process as well as the finished product. High-quality clay stock building bricks help keep to a budget, are an environmentally friendly alternative, and offer a high quality finished product.

Recognising excellence and outstanding contributions to science, engineering and technology and innovation in South Africa.

bauma CONEXPO Africa is currently in full swing at Nasrec in Johannesburg. The show started on 13 March and will end on 16 March. It brings together more than 400 exhibitors while 20 000 visitors are expected.

By Lauren Wain, General Manager, Credence Security

An increasing number of high-profile and large-scale engineering projects, ranging from oil pipelines to nuclear power stations, put the spotlight on the growing vulnerability of the supply chain involved in any major engineering initiative. There are a vast number of steps to project delivery. There are a huge number of third-party partners, contractors and suppliers involved.

Crown Publications is pleased to announce that as from 1 January 2017, Housing in Southern Africa magazine will be independently published in a different format by its current editor, Carol Dalglish, who held that post for eight years.

A team of scientists from CoorsTek Membrane Sciences, the University of Oslo (Norway), and the Instituto de Tecnología Química (Spain) has developed a new process to use natural gas as raw material for aromatic chemicals. The process uses a novel ceramic membrane to make the direct, non-oxidative conversion of gas to liquids possible for the first time — reducing cost, eliminating multiple process steps, and avoiding any carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The resulting aromatic precursors are source chemicals for insulation materials, plastics, textiles, and jet fuel, among other valuable products.

This SAFEhouse guide demystifies Letters of Approval (LOAs), Regulatory Certificates of Compliance (RCCs) and sales permits (SPs) and include a wealth of information that includes regulatory information and test report requirements. A comprehensive VC Specification table lists the VC specifications, date issued, the products, applicable standards and states whether a RCC or LOA is required. Download the guide here.

The University of the Witwatersrand School of Electrical and Information Engineering invites all interested parties to a Memorial Lecture in honour of Emeritus Professor Charles Landy (1945 to 2015). The guest speaker of the evening is Dr Malcolm McCulloch on the topic: Powering South African Industry and Beyond – the legacy of Professor Charles Landy.

On 28 June, Dachser South Africa was named the ‘Freight and Logistics Company of the Year’ at the 9th Transport Africa Awards 2016. The Transport Africa Awards are designed to recognise companies who have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to succeed and have continually set standards of excellence. The awards have become the blue chip mark of success for the African transport and infrastructure sector.

Located in the Johannesburg inner-city suburb of Troyeville, and just up the hill from the Ellis Park stadium, the Troyeville hotel remains something of a legend with a loyal following across Johannesburg.

Construction World is publishing the second Sustainable Construction World supplement in October. Sustainable building, when the Green Building Council of South Africa was established, became part of the construction discourse in South Africa. A few months ago they celebrated their 50th green certified building.

Sparks’ readers will find the new pocket-sized guide from SAFEhouse – A Guide to Miniature Circuit Breakers – Part 1 – on page three of the May issue. This handy guide explains how MCBs work, the two technologies – thermal magnetic and hydraulic magnetic; the principles of operation; time delay curves; breaking capacity and the applicable standards. 

The SAFEhouse guide can also be downloaded here in PDF format.

Elquip Solutions has announced a distributorship agreement with German company the Hoffmann Group. Elquip Solutions is an established local provider of quality global electrical, automation, mechanical and consumable products as well as capital equipment. The Hoffmann Group provides products such as cutting and clamping tools, measuring instruments, machining, hand tools, storage solutions and workshop accessories.

If you are the entrepreneur waiting to be discovered, 2015 is the year that ENGEN Pitch & Polish changes your pitch so you can actualise the opportunities that come your way.

South Africa and Australia's longstanding trade relations have provided a solid foundation of mutual profit, with Australia being the sixth largest export destination for South African goods. In the mining sector, co-operation between the two countries has resulted in a number of joint ventures and mergers such as the merger of Australian BHP and South African Billiton in 2001 to the largest mining company in the world.

1 - 3 September at the Gaborone Fair Grounds in Gaborone, Botswana

Leading local and international suppliers to the mining, industrial and power generation sectors will gain valuable exposure at Electra Mining Botswana 2015, taking place from 1 - 3 September at the Gaborone Fair Grounds in Gaborone. Exhibitors at the show will have the opportunity to interact with visitors from across Botswana and neighbouring SADC countries, speaking with key decision-makers from the region's industrial and mining sectors.

Permanent and temporally variable magnetic fields reduced over a million-fold

Magnetic fields exist everywhere in the universe, and we are permanently exposed to both natural and artificial magnetic fields. In Central Europe, the Earth's ever-present magnetic field measures 48 microtesla. On top of this come local magnetic fields generated by transformers, motors, cranes, metal doors and the like.

By Dr. Tony Phillips, NASA

One day, when humans go to Mars, they might find that, occasionally, the red planet has green skies. In late December 2014, NASA's MAVEN spacecraft detected evidence of widespread auroras in Mars' northern hemisphere. The "Christmas Lights," as researchers called them, circled the globe and descended so close to the Martian equator that, if the lights had occurred on Earth, they would have been over places like Florida and Texas.

Solar power has long been touted as the solution to Africa's lack of power generation capacity, and South Africa's almost year-round sunshine makes it an ideal remedy to lack of electrification in rural and under-serviced areas. According to the Department of Energy, most areas in South Africa average more than 2 500 hours of sunshine per year, and average solar-radiation levels range between 4.5 and 6.5kWh/m2 in one day.

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