Using clay stock bricks for a building project has many benefits and advantages for the actual construction process as well as the finished product. High-quality clay stock building bricks help keep to a budget, are an environmentally friendly alternative, and offer a high quality finished product.

The benefits of cusing clay stock bricks for building

Fire resistance and safety

Clay stock bricks are renowned for their excellent fire resistance ratings. These high ratings are due to the fact that the clay brick is incombustible, which means that they cannot contribute to the start of fires, nor will they be conductive to the spread and intensity of a fire. Clay bricks also do not emit any toxic fumes under fire conditions. These advantageous fire resistant properties provide for the maximum safety of the building.

Low maintenance and durability

With almost no maintenance, clay bricks are able to stand the test of time. Clay bricks are proven to be one of the strongest building materials available and can therefore last a lifetime. The proven strength and durability of clay bricks also means that little to no maintenance is required. With the ability to withstand any weather conditions, clay bricks can maintain their aesthetic and functional attributes in any climate.

Energy saving properties

Clay bricks have excellent energy saving properties for tenants post-construction. Because they are natural insulators, the need for heaters and air-conditioners is minimised. The thermal efficiency of clay bricks is due to the fact that they absorb the heat from outside throughout the day, and slowly release this in the evenings, regulating temperatures and mitigating the need for temperature control appliances. Clay bricks can therefore be counted as an eco-friendly building material which saves tenants on their utility bills.

Cost-effective and valuable

The benefits and advantages of using clay bricks as the primary building material of a project mean that clay brick buildings are always in demand. The cost-effectiveness of clay stock bricks also offers a cost-conscious solution.

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