In order to successfully place the mining industry in a positive light according to public opinion, there are values and factors that need to continuously remain upheld. To restore public opinion of the industry, it is important that regular mine planning compliance measurement takes place in order to garner support through safety and minimal environmental impact.

Contributing factors to the positive public perception of mining

The following reasons are known to create a positive effect in the public perception of the industry:

The mining industry provides jobs

When the mining industry is booming, it provides millions of people with jobs. From professional engineers, to hardworking field workers, the industry encompasses thousands of professions. A lot of people are involved in mining projects in various occupations, including mine feasibility studies and mine closure practices, which boost the employment rating of the country. When an industry supplies many people with jobs, public opinion is generally positive.

Safety is being upheld

When safety and other mine planning compliance measurements are being correctly upheld, negative publicity is minimised. In order for the mining industry to cultivate support, the safety of the mine workers needs to be of the utmost importance. Through mine planning compliance measurement, the safety requirements of mines are regulated in order to ensure the safety of workers, in turn creating a positive impact on public perception.

The environment is taken into consideration

Since the trend of “going green” began, alongside stricter environmental regulations, the consideration of the environment within mine feasibility studies and closure is vital. The less of an impact the mine has on the environment, the higher the chance of positive public perception.

Mining consultancy firms like Ukwazi ensure that the above-mentioned values are upheld from the planning of mine phases, through the entire project, until closure.


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