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The City of Cape Town has announced that it will continue to remove illegally erected structures in the parts of Masiphumelele which are protected by court interdicts. With plans to develop part of the area for the Masiphumelele Phase 4 housing project, The City aims to break ground on approximately 324 houses, in two phases, over approximately two years.

The details of the project still need to be finalised, but the City has identified the beneficiaries of this housing development in line with its beneficiary selection process which includes a public participation process that has taken place over many years. The City is in the process of applying for technical approval and preparing tender documents for advertising. It is estimated that the tender will be advertised mid-2016, with an estimated construction period of two years.

However, the City of Cape Town said it was “vital to safeguard the piece of land which has been earmarked for the Masiphumelele housing project and also the uninhabitable area known as the wetlands” against illegal occupation. In a statement, the municipality indicated that its Anti-Land Invasion Unit removed 24 unoccupied structures on Thursday 2 February 2015, in terms of the interdict that was obtained on 18 December 2015 and which prohibits anyone from entering, extending or erecting any structures on erf 5131 and the area known as the wetlands, which is uninhabitable and flood-prone.

“The City and South African National Parks have interdicts in place and are working jointly to prevent any illegal occupation of the areas in question. While we acknowledge that the housing need is acute, especially in light of the rapid and continuing high rate of urbanisation in Cape Town, we must do everything in our power to ensure that we have a fair and systematic approach to housing delivery. It would not be fair, at this late stage of the development and beneficiary selection process, if the land were to be lost due to illegal occupation,” the statement added.

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