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Speaking at the recent Mayors, Executive Mayors and Speakers session, Galaletsang Gaolaolwe, MEC of Local Government and Human Settlements in Bokone Bophirima (formerly the North West province), has directed Mayors and Speakers to exercise their political oversight role over administration at their respective municipalities.

MEC Galaletsang Gaolaolwe Official photo“Mayors need to ensure that issues raised by the Auditor-General do not get carried over the next municipal audit cycle. This is an issue that the Auditor-General has continually raised in the municipal audit reports and as the fourth administration, it is an issue that you will have to seriously address. We must make sure that the Municipal Public Accounts Committees (MPAC) are properly constituted and they are given the necessary resources and space to discharge their responsibilities’’, she said.

The MEC also advised Speakers to call regular ward meetings to update communities on developments in their localities. “Our communities rely on us to improve their lives and if we do not always update them on service delivery issues, they take to the streets. You also need to establish working relations with different structures in your areas and have regular sessions with them.”

She called on Mayors to ensure that their municipal administrations are constituted by people with necessary and relevant qualifications and skills. “It is time we start appointing people who will be able to assist us to deliver on our mandate of changing the lives of our people through provision of services. The high vacancy rate of senior municipal managers must be resolved soon.”


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