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Boasting a total area of 4 317 m², SMC’s new facility in Midrand, South Africa, is home to a fully-functional, state-of-the-art showroom, several fully-equipped training rooms, a warehouse and a manufacturing and assembly facility for the local production of selected items.

SMC Cylinder manufacture South AfricaEstablished in Japan in 1959, SMC Pneumatics is a global leader in pneumatic technology and industrial automation offering 12 000+ basic components in over 700 000 variant forms.

Available in 84 countries including USA, Brazil, Germany and more recently, South Africa, SMC prides itself on constantly researching and developing and has been voted one of the world’s most innovative companies in Forbes Magazine’s Top 100 for three consecutive years.

SMC Pneumatics South Africa’s general manager, Adrian Buddingh spearheaded the local launch of the pneumatic giant under the careful guidance of SMC’s United Kingdom team. “Our local team, made up of some of the best talent in the industry, strives to provide ultimate customer satisfaction around the country thanks to our customised, cost effective and quality solutions that ensure that we raise the bar as world market leaders,” says Buddingh.

“SMC has invested heavily in our market and our production lines are equipped with the latest technology. Our production facilities will be fully operational as of July 2016 and we look forward to being able to offer shorter delivery times and availability of non-standard versions of certain items in our range.”

Under the careful eye of SMC UK production manager, Peter Austin, production facilities are specified not only to international standards but to SMC’s stringent quality standards too. “Having the backing of teams from around the world, we are able to share and reapply the latest in innovation and technology here on African soil.” Buddingh explains.

Truly understanding the needs and objectives of customers is a value that SMC emanates everyday “Our extensive network of 400 sales offices in 83 countries ensures that we are at the forefront and also gives us the benefit of being exposed to more problems and solutions than our competitors.”

SMC’s national training schedule developed by national training manager, Riaan van Eck offers Basic Pneumatics, Electro-Pneumatics, Basic Hydraulics, Electro-Hydraulics and Mechatronic courses. The courses are designed to cover both theory and practice and make use of some of the latest, state-of-the-art training equipment. Additionally, SMC Pneumatics also prides itself in its constant pursuit for customisation and thereby offers customised training courses should businesses require a tailored curriculum. “Training is critical to our success. In order to generate competitive advantage, our team goes on training throughout the year.”

Providing solutions for almost every industry imaginable ranging from electronics and automotive to food and packaging and life sciences, SMC Pneumatics is built upon three pillars, which ensure its success across diversified markets:

• Product and supply – SMC is able to provide wide range, low cost, high quality and fast delivery worldwide, thanks to its integrated production system.
• Service network – SMC comprises over 6 000 sales staff worldwide and assists with service improvements and advancements in new product development.
• Technology development – SMC actively develops new products whilst improving pneumatic control devices.

“Our strategy is one of long-term investment and growth. We are taking all the necessary steps to ensure that we can maintain and deliver international quality, cost effectiveness and customer-specified solutions whilst creating a positive internal culture through communication, ongoing training and the right people for the job.”

International support has been instrumental in SMC’s local success thus far and the opening saw top SMC executives from United Kingdom, Japan, Spain and Germany fly in for the grand opening. “Having access to such a broad and supportive network of global executives is a great privilege for us. It ensures that we are always on top of our game.”

So, what can the market expect from SMC? “Cost effective, exceptional quality, customised offerings and superior service from our team. We strive to work tirelessly to meet needs and objectives, and we currently believe that our innovation and drive sets us apart. The possibilities are endless.”

“As a global market leader in pneumatics technologies, SMC Pneumatics is proud to have officially launched in South Africa, and we look forward to further expansion prospects into Africa,” says Buddingh.


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