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Corné Kleyn, product manager for screens at Weir Minerals Africa, explains how the efficiency of screens can be defined, measured and increased.

Corne Kleyn Weir MineralsMining and aggregate processing equipment is used for a number of different reasons: from separation and washing to dewatering. However, regardless of the aggregate product’s final application, be it construction material or road surfacing, the property a customer is most interested in is the average particle size.

Separating and sizing a wide range of particle sizes generated by crushing equipment is one of the most important functions after the milling process, and screens play a large part in the operation.

The role played by screens is central to the quarrying process and Kleyn says there has been a trend towards increasingly large units being installed at bigger quarries as operators look to increase their output. However, he says that regardless of how big a screen may be and what volume of material is passing through it, it is vital that it operates efficiently.

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