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Exhibiting at one of the leading packaging exhibitions, ProPak Cape 2017, SMC hopes to further cement its place as the leading provider of solutions for the industry. SMC offers electric solutions too and, additionally, also niche solutions including its range of ionisers, chillers and dryers.

One of SMC’s ionisers on the stand at ProPak Cape 2017.

SMC has developed its range of ionisers to complement its existing offerings and to offer significant benefits to its customers. Brian Abbott, product manager at SMC Pneumatics, notes that SMC will be showcasing its ioniser range at ProPak Cape and elaborates on the issues associated with static: “If ignored or managed incorrectly, static can contribute to downtime which leads to a loss of income and low levels of productivity. Issues such as products clinging to each other, plastic sheets not separating properly, possible damage to electrical products as well as fire hazards caused by a spark in a sensitive environment, are all associated with unwanted but unavoidable charge of electricity.”

According to Abbott, there are three different types of ionisers available depending on the application and the environment. SMC offers a bar type ioniser (IZS40/41/42), a fan type ioniser (IZF10/21/31) and a nozzle type ioniser (IZN10).

“The unique thing about SMC’s ionisers is that they can be ordered with a sensor. The sensor is a feedback device that can detect if a positive or negative charge exists at the source. The charge, measured as a voltage, is communicated back to the ioniser which in turn generates ions to balance it out. An option without a sensor is also available. In this case, the unit will generate an alternate charge which ‘bombards’ the application with positive and negative ions until it neutralises the application. This, even though less energy-efficient, is still a very effective solution,” comments Abbott.

In addition, SMC will be showcasing various solutions targeted at the industry such as:

• ISO13849-1, Category 3/4, Safety dump valves, VG342 / VP744 Series
• Vacuum ejectors and cups, ZK2, ZP2 and ZPT Series
• Magnetic grippers, MHM Series
• Wash down and environment-resistant actuators, HY Series
• Electric actuators, LE Series
• Fieldbus units, EX250, EX260 & EX600 Series
• Stainless steel cylinders, safety locking cylinders, pressure & flow sensors, modular FRLs, fittings & tubing.

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