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“In order to better target its bearings, gears, belts, chains, motors and drives to the farming community, in September 2017, BI (formerly Bearings International) has established a specialist agricultural industry sector under the leadership of Gerhard Pienaar,” begins BI’s CEO, Burtie Roberts.

Customised agricultural solutions for African soilMechChem Africa recently visited BI’s Parkhaven distribution centre and talked to Burtie Roberts; Gerhard Pienaar, manager of the recently established agriculture sector product range; and business unit head, Ross Trevelyan.

“We have always had an extensive product line-up to meet the requirements of South African farmers, along with extensive experience and product knowledge in this sector to assist farmers in keeping their equipment fully operational and well maintained. In line with our ‘Always there, making it work’ motto, we have pooled the skills and dedicated agricultural products developed over the years into a specific agricultural service offering – and we are already very pleased with the results and prospects,” Roberts adds.

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