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Varibox CVT Technologies was founded by Jan Naude, an inventor of CVTs (continuous variable transmissions) who has several unique patents across three different CVT technologies. This article summarises the advantages of using Varibox’s RADIALcvt for electric vehicles (EVs) and as a variable speed option for motor-driven industrial drives.

The RADIALcvt for EVs and industrial reducersWith the current migration towards electric vehicles and the optimisation of components contributing to overall energy efficiency and range – higher energy density batteries, energy recovery systems and other efficiency advances – overcoming inefficiencies in the drive train is becoming an imperative. The primary power source in EVs, the electric motor, shares some disadvantages with the internal combustion engine. These include the fact that the electric motor and its drive/inverter are not equally efficient under different loads and speeds – as is the case for internal combustion engines across the RPM range.

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