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Following a Cummins Media Breakfast last month, MechChem Africa speaks to Orlando Ferrão, the recently appointed general manager for Cummins South Africa (CSA), about his service vision for the Cummins range.

1 Orlando Ferrao GM Cummins South Africa “Cummins’ vision is to deliver an excellent service experience to clients across all of our product ranges and service offerings,” begins Ferrão. “We have different entities within the company and across the continent but, like our ’Power of One’ engine philosophy, every part of our company is designed to work together to supply products and services from one platform.

“If we talk about coolant, for example, we have a very good Fleetguard product manufactured using organic acid technology (OAT), which is manufactured here in South Africa by Cummins Filtration. This is an excellent product specifically designed to extend the life of Cummins engines, most notably because it protects the aluminium alloys we use to make modern diesel engines,” he says.

ES Compleat OAT Extended Life Anti­freeze/Coolant provides protection against freezing, boil over, cavitation, liner pitting, erosion, corrosion, elastomer gasket degradation and scaling, and is described as the ‘Life-of-the-Engine’ organic additive.

“One of the minor maintenance and servicing tasks is to drain the coolant. So to enable customers to take advantage of the long life of our coolant, we offer offline storage and filtration solutions so that drained coolant can be safely and economically reused,” he notes. “This is just one example of how we are striving to make it easier for our distributed service networks to better support Cummins customers,” Ferrão says.

As with the composition of the oil analysis, the condition of the coolant can be analysed in order to reassure users that it is 100% safe to reuse and this service is also being made available to Cummins’ dealer and service network.

Along with the coolant, Cummins’ dedicated Midrand plant manufactures a number of air filters for local use. “From the lubricants, coolant filters, gaskets and other service components, we make up engine service kits for clients that each have a registered part number to make planned servicing easier and foolproof. By thinking ahead about the problems, service centres are likely to experience, we strive to offer a streamlined service to help our network look after Cummins products in the field,” he says.

“We are one of only engine OEMs to have filtration development capability and, we believe, ours is superior to most because it is central to Cummins’ campaign to make engines last longer. The correct filtration, coolant, oil and fuel work together to better protect the engine so that maintenance intervals and engine life can be extended – with fuel efficiency being an essential feature.

“Together with the extended design life of our engines, this approach makes the total costs of ownership for Cummins engine users very low,” Ferrão assures.

Going forward into 2018, he says that CSA is on a drive to ensure clients are better provided for. “We are targeting two key areas of improvement, service support and parts availability.

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