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Osino Resources Corp, a Namibian-focused exploration company, has reported the discovery of a major new gold-bearing trend located in the southern central zone of the Damara orogenic belt, stretching from the producing Navachab gold mine to Osino’s Okapawe target, more than 40 km to the north-east.

According to the company, the Karibib Gold Trend is defined by a large-scale, deep, basin margin structure (the Karibib Fault) which is visible in the regional aeromagnetic data. It has been sampled over a strike length of 20 km to date and continues for a further 30 km to the south-west. A number of significant soil anomalies (Twin Hills, OJW and Okapawe) have been discovered along the fault zone which appears to be mineralised throughout its length.

Osino discovers major gold trend in Namibia

RC drilling on the Karibib Gold Trend (photo: Osino).

The soil anomalies are in the range of 100 to 400 ppb gold against a background of less than 5 ppb and are between 1 km and 4 km in length following the regional north-east trend. The mineralised prospects occur in association with splays, bends and syn-tectonic granite intrusions, typical of fertile orogenic belts.

The remaining portion from Twin Hills to the Navachab gold mine is currently being explored and Osino says that further discoveries are considered likely. 

In a previous press release (dated 11 July, 2018) issued by Osino, the gold corridor was referred to as the Khan River Gold Corridor as it was initially named when the presence of a mineralised system was noted near the Khan River, which is a significant local feature. This has now been changed to the Karibib Gold Trend to reflect its growing and more regional extent. 

In the coming months, Osino will focus on exploring the Karibib Gold Trend to the south-west of Twin Hills where it continues a further 30 km towards the Navachab gold mine. The work to be undertaken will include a detailed aeromagnetic survey, geological mapping, soil and calcrete sampling followed by RAB drilling.

A second round of reverse circulation and core drilling is planned for early 2019, once the remaining Karibib Gold Trend has been explored south-west to Navachab and further drill targets have been identified and ranked. 

Osino’s Namibian interests comprise 18 exclusive exploration licences located within the central zone of Namibia’s prospective Damara Belt, mostly in proximity to and along strike of the producing Navachab and Otjikoto gold mines.

The company, which is listed on the TSX-V, is managed by Heye Daun, CEO and co-founder, and Alan Friedman, President and co-founder, who were also co-founders of Auryx Gold. In 2010, Auryx acquired the Otjikoto gold deposit – originally an Avmin discovery – from Teal Mining & Exploration, a joint venture between South Africa’s ARM Vale and Brazil’s Vale. After it expanded the resource and completed a PEA on the project, Auryx was sold to B2Gold in 2011. B2Gold subsequently developed Otjikoto into a highly successful gold mine (and only the second in Namibia, after Navachab), which in 2018 is expected to produce between 160 000 and 170 000 ounces of gold.

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