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To enable further growth, Atlas Copco has emerged into two separate groups of companies, Atlas Copco and Epiroc. Globally, the entire Mining & Rock Excavation Technique Business Area together with the Hydraulic Attachment Tools Division of Atlas Copco has become part of Epiroc, while the industrial segment remains with Atlas Copco.

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, Epiroc is a leading productivity partner for the mining, infrastructure and natural resources industries. With cutting-edge technology, the company develops and produces innovative drill rigs, rock excavation and construction equipment, providing world-renowned service and consumables.

Sanjay Ahuja Regional General ManagerSanjay Ahuja has taken up the reigns as regional general manager of Epiroc South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Spearheaded by newly-appointed chief executive officer Per Lindberg, together with the support of a new board, the evolution of Epiroc opens up a new chapter in the global mining and civil mining engineering sectors.

Building on 144 years of history, Epiroc’s roots are in Atlas Copco, a company known for sustainability, innovation, high ethical standards and quality products and service. In short, Epiroc is born out of Atlas Copco’s mining and construction business and aims to build on Atlas Copco’s proven expertise, quality and performance.

According to Lindberg, it is important to note that this change will not affect daily business. “All our operations, like research and development, marketing, manufacturing, distribution and service will continue as usual.”

Still a subsidiary of Atlas Copco, Epiroc has begun the journey as an independent company operating under its own brand name and logo. The company will continue using certain services from Atlas Copco, and shareholding will remain unchanged. Boasting its own new head office, the local board of directors comprises Helena Hedblom, chair and non-executive director; Pat Modisane, minority shareholder representative and non-executive director; together with three executive directors: Sanjay Ahuja; Victor Scott; and Lerato Mokgethi.

On the Sub-Sahara African front, Sanjay Ahuja has taken up the reigns as regional general manager of Epiroc South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Under his leadership, the South African company will drive the mining and civil engineering businesses forward, with customers first in mind.

“This separation milestone will create greater scope for growth and a stronger customer focus, establishing a solid platform for Epiroc SA to serve its respective customers more efficiently through the delivery of innovative product, system, technology and service solutions,” Ahuja recently told customers and members of the local mining and civil engineering industries. “We are committed to providing customers with products and services that enhance their productivity, energy, efficiency, safety and ergonomics.”

He says that by transforming one world-class company into two, both entities are provided with the best growth opportunities in their respective markets. “Becoming Epiroc allows us to collaborate closely with mining, infrastructure and natural resources customers. As Epiroc, we can bring new solutions to the market faster and create the best product offering for our customers.”

Originating from Greek and Latin roots, Epiroc means ‘at or on rock’ reflecting its focus on mining and rock excavation and natural resources, proximity to customers and the strength of the partnership with Atlas Copco.

Drum CutterDrum cutters are an excellent choice for rock or concrete wall and surface profiling, trenching, frozen soil excavation, soft rock excavation in quarries, demolition and trenching.

Services and equipment

The mining and civil engineering business of Epiroc comprise: mining and rock excavation service; surface and exploration drilling; advanced drilling solutions; and rock drilling and hydraulic attachment tools. Equipment and applications include:

  • Underground mining: mechanical rock excavation; face drill / long hole drill rigs; underground loading and haulage; ground support equipment; ventilation systems; rock drilling tools; hydraulic drum cutters; hydraulic breakers; and underground core drill rigs.
  • Surface mining: blast hole drill rigs; rock drilling tools; hydraulic breakers; and hydraulic attachments.
  •  Exploration: surface core drill rigs; reverse circulation drill rigs; and rock drilling tools.

In line with the above, infrastructure equipment and applications include:

  • Underground civil engineering: face drill rigs / long hole drill rigs; underground loading and haulage; ground support equipment; ventilation systems; rock drilling tools; hydraulic drum cutters; hydraulic breakers; and underground core drill rigs.
  • Surface civil engineering and urban development: surface drill rigs; well drill rigs; rock drilling tools; hydraulic breakers; and drum cutters.
  • Quarrying: surface drill rigs; diamond wire cutting machines; hydraulic dimensional stone drill rigs; hydraulic breakers; and drum cutters.
  • Deconstruction and recycling: hydraulic breakers; cutters; pulverisers; grapples; magnets; compactors; and bucket crushers.

In the natural resources field, equipment and applications include:

  • Geotechnical, well drilling, oil and gas: water well drill rigs; oil and gas drill rigs; rock drilling tools; and hydraulic breakers.

“Change brings opportunities and Epiroc was formed to be an even stronger partner for mining, infrastructure and natural resources equipment,” Ahuja says. “You can count on us to listen to your needs and respond with leading-edge solutions. You can call on us to keep your equipment running reliably with expert service, and importantly, you can choose us with confidence knowing that we are fully committed to safety, with environmental and social responsibility in everything that we do.

“More than a manufacturer, we aim to be a collaborative partner that keeps its promises. Above all, our mission is to earn your first choice as a partner in productivity by delivering the innovations you need when you need them, leading developments in automation and exceeding your expectations.

“We are building two world-class companies instead of one in order to drive growth and to service our customers even better,” Ahuja reiterates. “Although we will follow two separate roads in the future, we share a common heritage of innovation and commitment to the success of our customers.”

Epiroc AB plans to list on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange during the course of 2018.

Report by Dale Kelly and photographs courtesy Atlas Copco.

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