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CDE, a global leading provider of materials wet processing equipment for quarries, mines and recycling operations, announces that it is introducing the AquaCycle A900 thickener to complement its range of water management products. 

Water recycling in wet processing applications present significant advantages, including impressive water saving, for materials producers, but it also ticks all the right boxes in terms of return on investment and SA environmental legislative requirements.

AquaCycle A900

The CDE AquaCycle water management system helps to mitigate the negative consequences of water extraction from natural sources by recycling process water for immediate re-use by the washing installation.  Designed for easy use and safe access for efficient maintenance and workers’ protection, the CDE AquaCycle A900 has a capacity of 900m³/hour and recycles up to 90% of used water, promoting significant savings on the requirements for fresh water top-ups.

The AquaCycle A900 thickener is the sixth product in the CDE AquaCycle thickener range. Feed capacities across the AquaCycle range now span from 100m3 per hour to 1500m3 per hour, with the A900 filling the gap for operators who want a feed capacity higher than 600m³ per hour but lower than 1500m³ per hour. 

Water management systems are increasingly becoming an attractive proposition for both quarrying and mining operations because their benefits significantly outweigh the initial investment. Return on investment on an AquaCycle A900 is typically within six to nine months.

CDE consistently invests in research to bring its water recycling equipment to the highest standards of efficiency. Its staple water management system, the AquaCycle has given CDE a significant edge over its competitors in the many markets in which the company operates as it allows for the introduction of a single, compact and user-friendly unit on projects from low to high processing tonnages. A significant advantage, CDE’s water management technology perfectly fits the conditions for a high return on investment including maximum production efficiency, minimum loss of fines and ultimate water saving. 

Head of Research and Development at CDE, Kevin Vallelly explains the rationale for the development of this new product: “CDE has been co-creating with customers for over 25 years to deliver collaborative, imaginative and unique processing systems, and this has been informing the development of new water recycling technologies that are highly efficient.

“Working closely with our customers has enabled us to identify a gap in the market due to the growth in CDE’s activities in industries related to industrial sands and construction and demolition waste recycling. A median alternative to the A600 and A1500 thickeners was required.

“The AquaCycle A900 is now available to operators across the world and is ready to complement wet processing applications in five sectors - sand and aggregates, mining, construction and demolition waste recycling, environmental applications and industrial sands.”

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