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Epiroc’s BenchREMOTE operator station is now available for SmartROC T45 LF, SmartROC C50 and SmartROC CL drill rigs. Previously, BenchREMOTE was only available for SmartROC D50, SmartROC D55, SmartROC D60 and SmartROC D65.

Epiroc Smart surface drill rigs remote control“This means great opportunities for customers who are already owners of these rigs,” says Mattias Hjerpe, product manager at Epiroc. With the BenchREMOTE, operators can simultaneously remotely control up to three Epiroc Smart surface drill rigs from a distance of up to 100 m.

This enables them to be highly productive without even having to enter a dangerous/hazard zone. The result is both a safer and a more effective mining operation. “BenchREMOTE increases productivity, it enhances safety and it provides the operator with better working conditions,” says Hjerpe.

BenchREMOTE is a remote operator station designed to control SmartRoc rigs from Epiroc. Up to 10 rigs can be pre-programmed into each station. The communication between the BenchREMOTE and remote rigs is ensured via a closed and secured wireless network. The solution also supports geofencing for additional safety. The BenchREMOTE can be installed in a customer-supplied vehicle, trailer or in a container.

The fact that BenchREMOTE is also now available for SmartROC T45 LF, SmartROC C50 and SmartROC CL is an important step for Epiroc. “We know that our product is highly appreciated and it feels good that we could provide this updated version with the opportunities it offers for Epiroc customers,” concludes Hjerpe.

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