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By Duncan High, division manager – processing equipment technology, Haver & Boecker.

Water use restrictions and permitting challenges continue to increase, making it harder for operations to find ways to stay profitable while using fewer resources. As a result, aggregates and mining operations are moving toward new technology to conserve natural resources while increasing long-term savings and ROI.

Haver Boecker Hydro Clean Q3 2018 001One way the industry has adapted to conserve water is through the use of settling ponds. Advanced washing systems, such as Haver & Boecker’s Hydro-Clean, when paired with a settling pond, can reduce water consumption by as much as 75% over traditional washing systems.

That allows operations to cut their water use and limit their water treatment requirements and necessary equipment. It also makes an advanced washing system more favourable as governments push aggregate producers to use new technology to meet new restrictions.

Plus, some new washing systems can pump water at very high pressures – as high as 2 000 psi – through spray nozzles at 211 gpm in a matter of seconds. That’s a huge benefit to operations running under strict restrictions. The equipment’s high-pressure jets effectively remove fines and dirt from deep crevices, such as marine limestone or porous rock.

The advanced washing systems can be used to wash pre-screened materials, which have small fines sticking to the larger particles. This is accomplished by washing the material initially and conducting a final rinse over a vibrating screen.

Cut energy consumption

Producers can save as much as 15% in energy costs by switching to new washing systems. Part of this is due to the speed at which the new washers complete a cycle. On average, alternative washing methods, such as log washers, retain materials for three minutes or more while materials stay in a high-pressure washing drum for just seconds.

Salvage waste materials

Best of all, advanced washing systems can restore value from what might have previously been deemed waste – reducing waste streams and breathing new life into vital resources, while putting more money in the producer’s pocket.

Advanced washing systems can do a lot to reduce an operation’s environmental footprint, as well as help improve profits. Work with a manufacturer to determine the best fit for each site and its unique characteristics.

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