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The I-CAT Dust Division offers end-to-end integrated dust-management solutions that comply with all relevant industry regulations and standards. A range of its latest innovations were displayed at Electra Mining Africa 2018, including a new misting system for coal-mining applications.

The main products in the I-CAT Dust Division stable include RDC 20, an innovative formulation of blended emulsified co-polymers and ionic modifiers. When sprayed onto the road surface, the water-soluble anionic polyelectrolyte polymer forms a durable cross-linked matrix. The matrix binds fine soil particles into larger heavier particles, which are less prone to become airborne.

I CAT Dustmonster

GreenGrip is a natural polymer-based, durable gravel-road sealant. It is an environment-safe alternative to chemically-based products for semi-permanent gravel roads on mines and residential areas. It is water-soluble, and is incorporated easily into routine dust-suppression procedures, with no requirement for special equipment or handling precautions.

GreenBit is a natural binding agent combined with an emulsified bituminous product to create a durable gravel-road sealant. It is an environment-safe alternative to purely chemically-based products for permanent gravel roads on mines and residential areas. It results in a durable, smooth and dust-free surface that eliminates the need for frequent maintenance.

TDS 2000 is a unique, environment liquid gel used for dust suppression on tailing dams and large open soil areas. The unique properties of this liquid gel allow it to penetrate into the surface, creating a durable bond that binds the loose aggregate by forming a crust. In addition, mines have a number of challenges in reducing windswept dust on and around their tailing dams and open soil areas.

The DustMonster product line provides outstanding results by creating an ultra-fine mist that attracts dust, encapsulating airborne particles, and driving them to the ground. In terms of customisation, RDC 20 and GreenBit comprise a fixed formula that can be adjusted accordingly.

A highlight of the I-CAT Dust Division’s participation at Electra Mining Africa 2018 was its introduction of a bespoke solution for a major coal-mining client that it intends to introduce as its latest dust-suppression and fire-prevention innovation for the coal-mining industry, according to sales and marketing manager Eugene Kleynhans.

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