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The 18TH showing of the annual Vermont Sales Open days became their most successful trade event yet, breaking all previous customer attendance records.

“We can put this success down to the extended days, the many new brands and huge range of additional products that were on display this year,” said Ryan Hunt Sales Director for Vermont Sales. “We also increased our sales staff for this event who were all on hand to assist customers, to demonstrate the products and introduce them to all the new products. At the same time we had many more international suppliers come out for the show who all were on hand to talk and demonstrate their products on a one on one basis to our customers.  We also increased the number of demostrations. Added to this we feel made an impact with the increased number of brands and product stands and, as normal, our very special show specials,” said Hunt.

Vermont sales open day

The Vermont Sales organization, again laid it all on for their customers.  The registration was very slick and quick with a full team of Vermont Sales staff on duty to meet and greet the customers from all over the country to show them around, supplying them with a full itinerary of the day’s events, demo’s, the 5 star restaurant and coffee kiosk, on hand from early morning ‘til closing time - nothing was left out, the Vermont Sales team had it all covered.

“This event must be the largest tool and accessory show ever to be staged to the trade, nothing was left to chance it is certainly the most professional show ever put together for the trade,” said a representative from a leading media title, all media were also invited to the show. “From a media point of view, it really helped us understand and view all the new products, a nice touch this year was the introduction and history in the entrance to all the blue chip international brands.”

The same comments came from all the trade customers. “For us this is a key event for our success, as we have a lot more time to spend with the sales guys, get a lot more insights on all the brands and products and view the live demostrations,” said a leading retailer. “To see, handle, view all the demostrations and try the products ourselves was excellent, and to meet and talk to the overseas experts was a major plus, the new brands and product range for this year looks very exciting, not to mention the outstanding show specials, I was blown away this year. For us this is the perfect platform to introduce the brands and the huge product range, myself and my team planned to spend a day at the show we ended up going back for a 2nd day,” said the leading retailer.

“An additional service to the trade is that we keep the show intact for a number of weeks for all our trade customers,” said Vermont Sales Commercial Director Dale Engelbrecht. ‘This allows the customers to bring their own staff in to experience all that we have to offer on the show and find out more about our brands, product range and services, plus our unique Training academy that is free to all trade customers,” said Dale Engelbrecht (commercial director).  

The show offers customers an opportunity to grow their range of products for their business with the large range of available brands plus the interfacing with the international contingency of suppliers from Germany, USA, Austria, Poland, Canada, Japan, the UK, and Africa. This is also the opportunity to gain valuable insights in world hardware trends.

Over 50 brands and well over 10 000 products were on the display, all the latest new products from Festool, Tork Craft, Nes, Alpen, MPS, Kreg, Olfa, Bessey, Bondhus, Drill Doctor, Plug Fones, Imperial, Multi Sharp, Wet Stone, Triton, Mag Switch, Felo, T- Reign, Saw Stop, Spring Tools, GAV, Aircraft, PG Professional, PG Mini, Pony Tools, PRO-TECH, Rawlplug, Armor, Flexi-pads, ACCUD, Souber Tools, Fixman, Howard, Key-Bak, Schroder & Energizer. Plus, the latest new brands such as Cadex, Miles, Maun, and the innovative new, proudly South African,  products, garden brand Wedgit that will be launched this week, and the amazing Rugged Croc, anti-cable theft invention, just to name a few.

For more information contact, Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their website


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