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LED strip lighting is popular for adding decorative style and ambience to lighting projects, both indoors and outdoors. It is versatile and inexpensive whilst quick and easy to fit; and it has the ability to change the setting and atmosphere of a room in an instant. Being discreet and flexible in design, LED strip is also extremely practical, doubling as task lighting if needed by placing the light source where required.

Stylish lighting in a handy strip

Strip lighting is manufactured ready to be cut to size and is flexible, enabling easy placement around corners and curves. When illuminated, it provides bright, focused lighting in a range of RGB colours, whites or even RGBW and is therefore highly suitable for home and commercial use. Unlike CFL or halogen, its densely packed LEDs deliver a continuous run of uniform light.

Perfect for residential or commercial use

LED strip is easy to install and is one of the most energy efficient forms of lighting, enhancing architectural beauty using hidden and subtle fixtures. It can be used to add a subtle dimension to an existing room layout while remaining inconspicuous or to create dramatic impact in exciting new ways. For a whole new dynamic, static colour and colour changing light strips can be placed behind items in the home, including televisions. Strip can also be combined with spotlights, which highlight specific areas, while LED flexible light strips illuminate the top side of bookshelves and cabinets and provide back lighting.

IP protected options enable the use of LED strip in kitchens and bathrooms as well as for external use. If the driver is installed in the same environment, ensure it is also IP rated. A real energy saver in kitchens, strip doubles as task lighting when placed under kitchen cabinets, so the whole room doesn’t need to be fully lit when just making a cuppa! When used as toe kicks and stair lights, it becomes an added safety feature.

LED strip is widely used in commercial and hospitality environments, often to complement the corporate identity of an organisation in areas such as the main reception by illuminating shelves or providing back lighting. Bringing signage to life, typically the product works better for more linear rectangular shaped signs with little need to wrap around corners or curves. It is also excellent for reverse halo effects on signage or wall mounted media.

Strip is often used in the hospitality sector to divide up spaces and section them off. In a hotel reception or bar for example, it can cast light downwards, creating shapes and shadows or be integrated decoratively underneath the surface of the bar itself to create mood as well as a modern and comfortable environment. Enlite’s LEDlineTM PRO offers a range of cuttable 12 V and 24 V single and RGB colour changing LED strip kits with options for both interior and exterior use.



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