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Every issue, Sparks Electrical News will be putting a relevant question to the industry – this month, our focus is lighting.

This month’s question: Do you believe that electrical contractors have reached the point where specification and installation of LED lighting, where appropriate, is becoming the rule and not the exception?

Question to the industry

Eagle Lighting, Retail Projects Manager, Ryan Carthew: “LED lighting has become the new norm in the lighting industry, both with retrofit lamps and complete LED solutions. LED is being specified on all professional projects as well as for renovations and alterations. Because of its low power consumption, ever increasing range and price which is consistently falling, LED technology has definitely become the rule rather than the exception. LED technology also offers the advantage of longevity, which makes it a much more appealing option for the consumer.”


Philips Lighting, Southern African & Ghana Country Leader, Raja Moudgil: “As far as new installations are concerned, I believe that there have been a number of initiatives taken by the specifiers and contractors to ensure that LEDs are used, so there has definitely been an increase, yet at the consumer level this is still missing. This is not the fault of the contractor though; largely it is due to availability and education of the consumer. From next month we will be offering LEDs which are 10% cheaper than CFLs and 50% more efficient in terms of their lifetime and light output.”


Eurolux, QC Manager, Patrick Stuckie: “The installation of LED luminaires must be done according to the wiring code sans 10142, immaterial of the type or technology of the luminaire. LED luminaires are becoming more popular as the older technology is falling away. However, the installation may change slightly for LED items as the heat in certain instances would affect the life of the item. Instructions should be read and followed.”


Electromechanica Lighting Specialist, Vinson Moore: “I believe electrical contractors have started moving in the right direction when speaking about specifying good products. In the past there was an influx of cheap, bad quality LED products and nobody was explaining why not to choose a cheaper alternative. Now times are changing and good quality and affordable products, such as Ledvance Osram and Aurora Enlite, have become a standard and reliable product to specify. When an engineer sees that the contractor has installed these products, they are at ease.”


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