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Contractors are often presented with a common problem during the installation of 4 x 4, 4 x 2 and round boxes. While the installation methods of round boxes may differ from those of 4 x 4 and 4 x 2 boxes, the problem of debris, mortar and concrete getting into the conduits and boxes remains a daily struggle.

This can, at times, lead to time wasted and/or lost man-hours on-site. Poly-Plug has a range of three different products to combat this issue, as well as downlighter plugs for ceiling installations. Poly-Plug has been designed to fit perfectly into each respective box in the ‘wet’ construction phase and can be removed at an electrician’s discretion, leaving his box perfectly clean and free of any mess, thus resulting in a clean, quick and efficient installation.

New product solves headache for electrical contractors

When boxes are being set in place by building contractors, they are not always set at the same depth and the electrical contractor is not always on-site to manage this. Poly-Plugs are produced 600 mm in length to allow an electrical contractor to asses each box individually and cut the Poly-Plug to the correct length, allowing for reduced wastage. Once a wall has been plastered, the electrical contractor is able to remove the Poly-Plug with ease, using a screwdriver or any other sharp object, revealing a clean box of the correct shape and size.

Poly-Plug, therefore, eliminates having to rely on a plasterer to provide an opening, of the correct requirements, for plugs or switches destined for each application. These boxes are sometimes completely hidden as a result of this process, as builders often refrain from leaving boxes protected or leaving box positions clearly marked.

With regards round boxes set in concrete, traditionally, wet cardboard has been used to fill round boxes to prevent any debris from remaining in the box after plastering. This method has, time and time again, proven to be unreliable and time consuming. Poly-Plug Round and Downlighter plugs are a quick and effective method of achieving an easily-workable space for a neat installation of round boxes and downlights.

4 x 4, 4 x 2, Round and Downlighter Poly-Plug products have been cleverly designed for easy installation and a faster finishing process. No longer having to be concerned about blocked conduits, upon arrival on-site, will allow for quicker turnarounds on jobs, while allowing for faster, professionally finished installations of plug points, downlighters and switches.



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