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The size S6 to S12 range of tried and tested contactors from 55 to 250 kW (AC-3, 400 V) has been expanded by versions suitable for direct control from fail-safe controllers. This makes the coupling level superfluous. The new contactors are also available with non-removable, lateral auxiliary switches to enable fulfilment of Swiss Accident Insurance Institute (SUVA) requirements.

Save space and costs with the worlds first contactorThe new contactors constitute the logical extension and further development of the SIRIUS modular system in the area of safe switching. They are the first contactors on the market which are equipped with an input for fail-safe signals. It is now possible to attain SIL CL2 with just one contactor, or SIL 3 with two contactors in series according to IEC 62061.

The big advantage of this solution is that it saves on additional, possibly positively-driven coupling relays and makes evaluation of the safety information considerably easier. This reduction in coupling relays is also a huge plus point for non-safety applications. Whereas previously space, money and wiring expertise were required in order to operate contactors with power ratings above 55 kW using controllers, both functional and safety switching can now take place by direct activation.

Tools such as the Safety Evaluation Tool help you to quickly find the right contactor and safely configure your application. The SIRIUS modular system helps to build safe applications. The portfolio also includes a large number of other SIRIUS Safety components which enable quick and easy setup of all your safety solutions:

• Safety relays (SIRIUS 3SK1, 3SK2)

• Accessories (Z connectors)

• SIRIUS 3RM1 motor starters and ET 200SP motor starters

• SIRIUS ACT command and signalling devices can be controlled by PROFINET and emergency stop.

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