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Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), everyone from homeowners to small retailers and businesses can install a ‘smart’ and affordable lighting control system, enabling them to control it locally or remotely from a mobile phone. These simple-to-operate systems, which are set to become the norm, present many benefits. Not only do they help save energy, the remote management and scheduling features give the impression of false occupancy when users are away, allowing for greater property security. The scene feature available on the Aurora AOne app allows for specific comfort levels at the touch of a button.

Aurora a new smart solution

Continuously at the forefront of technology, Aurora Lighting launched its first trade smart lighting solution at LuxLive 2017. The AOne™ is a smart lighting and control platform, powered by Gooee.

“We wanted to offer contractors another string to their bow. Being able to install smart lighting, simply and quickly, presents a major business opportunity for them,” said Thomas Lane, Aurora’s Smart Product Marketing Manager at Aurora. Suitable for multiple applications, the AOne provides greater energy savings, can easily be commissioned in less than just 15 minutes and is specifically designed for the professional electrical installer. Adding extra rooms is also extremely easy and cost effective once the initial hub is installed.

The AOne has been tested and created in-house and designed with the future in mind. “Working alongside tech companies like Gooee is key for us as our aim is to provide a system and devices that are interoperable with others including Google Home and Alexa,” Lane added.

Multiple benefits for homeowners and installers

Ideal for homes, offices and retail spaces, the AOne comes with several features, including scheduling and grouping, which allows lights to be programmed to dim, turn off and on at any time and help manage everything from mood to energy savings.

The beauty of this kit, which is considerably cheaper than most existing smart lighting solutions on the market, is that it doesn’t require any specialist installation wires or training. “Some smart lighting installations can take a long time. We wanted to make sure contractors can use solutions suitable up to an enterprise level without any installation issues. It’s as simple as it looks, and installation is fast,” he said.

How does the AOne work?

For the installation, locate the light or control switch in a chosen room and follow the wiring between the switch and light fittings. Place the AOne inline dimmer between the switch and the first fitting on the circuit.

• Connect the hub to your home router via the provided ethernet cable.

• Download the free AOne app via the Google Play or IOS App Store.

• Then let the app guide you through the setup of the AOne inline dimmers.

For contractors, the biggest benefit of the AOne, which can be used in new builds or as a retrofit solution, is that it is easy and quick to install. It doesn’t require any specialist installation wires or training.

AOne Training Sessions

Although a simple solution, Aurora will be offering training webinars and regional hands on sessions so installers and contractors feel comfortable when using and talking about this technology. Anyone who’s interested in more information can register interest at

Enquiries: +27 (0) 11 234 4878


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